The harvesting phase_ At the end it shall speak

The Harvest Phase

The harvest phase is the stage where you start reaping the benefits of your labour. After going through hard work, investing time, money, resources, being ridiculed by people, going through trials and tests, you finally arrive at your destination. The wealth gotten in this stage is very pleasant and rewarding. 

People who don’t toil to get something never really appreciate it as much as those who labour for it. This is why we see people who get rich through dubious means squandering their wealth. Asides that it’s not from God, they have no idea of what it means to work hard for the money. On the other hand, one who has sincerely worked to earn something utilizes it well. The harvest gotten from hard work is sweet, rewarding, and comes with peace of mind.

People are very fast to point out those who are rich in society. They want to follow them, be associated with them, be like them but the majority are not ready to go through the process they went through. They are not ready to sow and water their seeds with patience, hard work, and thanksgiving. Now, people are interested in sowing and reaping immediately.

What to expect during the harvest stage

The phase of sowing and watering is not very attractive. Sometimes people are relegated to the background but people in the harvest phase are visible to all. The harvest phase tends to attract all manner of people, those with good and bad intentions.

Although this is a phase of relaxation and enjoyment one must be careful not to leave the source/ principles that have kept one going. This is because there are people who make it this far and end up crashing because of the wrong company. That you get to this level does not mean that you will automatically remain there without taking precautions. People who get to this level and become proud or take the glory that belongs to God are digging their own graves.

During the harvest stage

The people you associate with matter a lot in this stage. Furthermore, thinking you have arrived and ignoring divine direction will result in one falling from grace to grass. It is important to keep the virtues that have brought you this far. For more on how to stay at the top, click here.

Not all seeds get to the harvest stage. Some die after sowing, some during the watering phase, and others when they are just to be harvested. Allow God to lead you.

Let Him be your shepherd (Psalm 23) then your seed will yield a bountiful harvest. Never forget to acknowledge God in all your ways when you do so, He will direct your path.

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Remain Blessed.



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