Somewhere or everywhere

Are you going Somewhere or Everywhere?

In life, there are two categories of people, those that are going somewhere and those that just follow where any kind of breeze blows them to. There are those who listen and watch others make news while there are those who are the news themselves. Where do you belong now? What category would you have preferred to be?

Life is a race and not a very long one. Don’t sit and smile at opportunities rather jump and make the best use of them. Develop yourself daily spiritually, mentally, and physically. I will be discussing 2 kinds of people. 

The everywhere and somewhere kind of people.

Everywhere kind of people 

These are people that take life as it comes, they don’t challenge themselves. They want what others want and are drawn to those that are rich and famous but would prefer to skip the process of development. 

These groups of people love to have fun, unwind with friends, associates, and colleagues and have no future plans or budget. They are comfortable with regular payment and daily future routine. No change, nothing to task them and nothing to look forward to. In essence, they are very comfortable with their day to day routine physical life.

When they see one area is more productive than the other, they tend to change course. These people prefer to be at the back of pacemakers and pathfinders.

Some questions people in this category should ask themselves

  1. Am I fulfilled doing this?
  2. Is there any future investment both in the now and eternity for me?
  3. When I stand before God to give an account of my life, will I be happy or ashamed?

Going somewhere kind of people

The second group of people knows exactly what their purpose is on earth. They may have gotten it through a divine encounter with God or found it in their passion. In both cases, they found time to sit quietly, observe, and ask questions. 

Some of them may actually have started in a wrong profession or career but then found out that it wasn’t their calling and took a leap of faith. They made major decisions or changes in their lives which they will end up benefiting from in the nearest future.

A number of them would have been criticized for following the right path (the devil does this most of the time so that people will not be able to fulfill destiny). These people jump at every opportunity that comes their way and make sure they do something productive daily. 

They are time conscious and know the value of time. These are the ones that actually make news and don’t have time to read them. Some may see them as being boring but they have a target. They have eyes on the price.

An Example 

For example, COVID-19 has caused a lot of changes globally. People have used this negative impact as an advantage to pursue their dreams. They’ve built themselves through various platforms while others sleep, wake, eat and the cycle continues.

Some who lost their jobs due to the negative impact of the pandemic are on the verge of depression while others have taken this opportunity to focus and build on their passion/ dream despite losing one’s job.

In every challenging situation, there are always 2 ways to react. Find the positive side and capitalize on it for those going somewhere. If only you know the seed of greatness that is in you, you will never underestimate yourself. Don’t let it go to waste, sow it (through dedication, hard work, and determination) and water it by continued hard work and dedication. This will lead to the emergence of the real you.

To effectively fulfill the destiny God has given you, the gift of The Father is necessary i.e The Holy Spirit. He is the one to guide you into all truth and bring all things to your remembrance.

May God help us fulfill destiny, Amen. To access the previous post, check here. You can join our Facebook community.

Stay Blessed.




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