• Your Journey, Your Process

    Your Journey, Your Process

    It is very true that nothing good comes easy and with every good and perfect gift comes a sacrifice. If you take a look at life generally, God’s creation, everything we admire that God created went through a process tailored for it and some are still undergoing processes. The same goes for us, humans. Each […]

  • Your Mental Health, take responsibility

    Your Mental Health, take responsibility

    Are you fed up with life and just existing? Has life taken a turn on you? Smiling outward but dying inside. Do you want to speak but you don’t know who to trust regarding your mental health? You are not alone. One thing will always be true. The fact that you are alive, there is […]

  • Greatness: Exploit in Destiny

    Greatness: Exploit in Destiny

    Everybody irrespective of your background, status, or location has a glorious destiny in Christ. God didn’t create anyone to be mediocre. He made us in His very image and likeness which is greatness. Then why are things different? Why are some poor and others rich? The enemy has done this. When men slept, the enemy […]

  • Financial exploit: Exploits in your finances

    Financial exploit: Exploits in your finances

    When we talk about financial exploit, it refers to exploits in business, properties, careers, etc. Money is said to answer all things (Ecc. 10:19) but the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6: 10). There have been various debates of money being bad or good for a believer but thank […]

  • Healing Spirit: Healing in Our Spirit

    Healing Spirit: Healing in Our Spirit

    When it comes to healing the spirit, our spirit man is either dead or alive. The spirit man operates differently compared with the soul and body. The spirit man is the real you and feeds on the word of God for strength just like the soul. The body/ flesh feeds on the 3 classes of […]

  • Soul healing: Healing in the Soul/Mind

    Soul healing: Healing in the Soul/Mind

    The rule for healing in our soul is the same as that of the body. First and foremost what does it mean to be sick in the soul/ mind? This means one having issues with his/ her mental health and could also include various forms of mental disorders.  The mind can be the reason why […]

  • Sound health and wellness: Healing in your Body

    Sound health and wellness: Healing in your Body

    Sound health and wellness is a possibility. We need our bodies to be sound, strong, and able to function properly on earth. Unfortunately, this is not what is happening. A large portion of the world’s population suffer from sickness and disease, this includes believers and unbelievers. Where there are sound health and wellness, there is […]

  • Healthy: Exploits in your Health

    Healthy: Exploits in your Health

    Before I start, I would like you to know that it is the will of God that you are healthy. It is God’s will that you live up to a good old age, not in misery but in pleasure and peace (3 John 1: 2). John speaking by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost in […]

  • Purpose in Life

    Purpose in Life

    Earlier on, I defined what purpose means. Life is a mystery on its own. People are yet to uncover secrets about life/ earth. Scientists have tried to come up with various theories, facts as to what makes this and that work. Some have been confirmed to be true while others are still hanging. Yet, there […]

  • Handling Loneliness

    Handling Loneliness

    The previous post was about loneliness relating to friends and marriage. I will be going further on this topic. Loneliness has negative side effects such as depression, rejection, suicide, low self-esteem, reduced productivity, etc. It is very possible to have a lot of friends around you and still be lonely. After having lots of noise […]