Your Journey Your Process

Your Journey, Your Process

It is very true that nothing good comes easy and with every good and perfect gift comes a sacrifice. If you take a look at life generally, God’s creation, everything we admire that God created went through a process tailored for it and some are still undergoing processes. The same goes for us, humans.

Each and everyone one of us has a path to follow. We have our various challenges/ obstacles to overcome in this journey of life in order to move to the next level. These obstacles differ from person to person but have been allowed by God to mould our lives

Now, going through a process should be differentiated from the oppression of the enemy. 

There are situations where God requires you to be patient with Him, wait for His timing e.g, Abraham was told that he would have a child at age 75 and the promise (Isaac) came to pass at the age of 100. If he had tried to pray, fast, cast out demons all in the bid to move God’s promise for him forward, it would all have been a waste of time.

The little time he was impatient and decided to bring God’s promise to pass, he got into trouble and Ishmael was born. The generations of Ishmael have been at war with Isaac’s generation even up till now. This is what happens when one is impatient with God and disobey’s Him.

Whenever we face challenges/ go through a process that God allows, His peace is always present. That from the enemy has no peace, you will know this if you are spiritually in tune with God.

Your Process

There are things God has already released to us and He is waiting for us to do something about it. Either to build our faith to receive it or war against the enemy and his obstacles.

There are times we need our faith on board to push the devil out of our business. To do this, you need to be in tune with God and obey what He tells you to do both in His Word and personal time.

Those waiting to receive their healing from God are getting it all wrong. He already played His part when He said it is finished on the cross. The missing thing is your faith which you would need to build (through the Word of God, listening to tapes/ christain books on faith, testimonies, etc) to receive your healing.

If yours is a financial blessing, then you need to be a giver. Stop casting and binding when you haven’t played your part yet.

Everything in the Kingdom of God has principles. Until your part is played, don’t expect God to move in your favour.

Once you’ve played your part and have a confirmation that God has released your expectation, when it seems like it’s taking time, the go ahead by using your weapon of faith, prayer and fasting to access it.

Vital things needed for your journey/ process

  1. A relationship with God: If you don’t have a relationship with God, how will you know what the process is, let alone receiving instructions on how to move?
  2. Patience: We humans can be in a hurry. We want to get here and there before others do. God’s time is the best, just relax. When His time comes, no devil can stand in your way. One thing about God’s gift is, it’s perfect and lasts long. He also adds years for you to enjoy this gift so relax.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post? Other areas will be discussed in a later post, stay tuned.

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Remain Blessed.



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