Purpose The Reason for existing

Choice: Purpose, the reason for existing.

I’ve heard people talk about purpose, potential, destiny, etc. What is purpose? According to the dictionary, it’s the reason for which something exists, is done, or created. Just like we have a purpose for starting a business, being in an organization, starting a home, we also have a purpose for being on earth.

One thing that could be a bit scary is, people don’t even know that they are on earth for a purpose let alone knowing what the purpose is. Some believe so much in fate. They say everything that happens to man has already been written in the stars. Some even believe that we’ve been scripted by a higher power and whatever we do on earth is following the script. There are so many beliefs out there, what’s yours?

We shouldn’t forget that opportunity comes to all but only those who recognize it can make good use of it. 5% of people make things happen, 25% watch things happen and a whopping 70% don’t even know that things are happening. We’ve not been scripted by any higher power. If it were so, we would have been walking robots on earth and there would be no will power.


God has given us the will to choose between good and bad, life, and death (Deut 30: 19, Jeremiah 21:8). Nobody does the choosing for you but yourself. Although there might be strong influences from a friend, family members, colleagues, the choice you make is what you will give an account of. Also, this choice is what differentiates those having a positive impact on their generation from those with negative impact. No one was born to be a thief, liar, murder, etc. It’s the choice they made that led to this path of destruction. 

We’ve all been given a great destiny, purpose, opportunities and will power. How well we utilize them determines how much impact we have in our generation.

In the weeks to come, we’ll be discussing purpose in life, destiny, relationships, impacting your generation, and ending well. Don’t let opportunities pass you by, make a change.

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