Dyslexic Adults. In this post, I will be writing on traits seen in Adults with mild dyslexia.

Children with mild dyslexia can have a normal life like any other child i.e it may go unnoticed but there are some traits that are recognizable. These traits include

  • Creative thinker: These people have the ability to think creatively more than a normal person. When they are good at something, it’s always exceptional.
  • They tend to love Arts (design, painting, photography), sports e.g Athletics and some are good instrumentalists.


For dyslexics that found a way of coping with their condition  (I mean putting more effort into what they do e.g if a normal child reads something twice and understands it, a dyslexic will need to read in about 6 times or more to understand better) they do exceptionally well in their gifted area.

  • They are also be seen in fields like politics, sales marketing, counseling. They also tend to have mechanical skills i.e anything with 3 dimensions.
  • These group of people know how to make people like them and are very compassionate.
  • Dyslexics are highly intuitive.
  • Very logical, they love to deal with visible things.
  • They have difficulty in memorizing things.

Other characteristics of a dyslexic include;

  1.  They are very slow readers e.g 3 times slower than others
  2. While growing up, they hated it anytime they were asked to read out loud in class.
  3. When it comes to spelling, they are very terrible at it.
  4. In order to comprehend a written word, they have to read it 3 or more times.
  5. They find it difficult learning a foreign language.
  6. These group of people were C class students in school, no matter how hard they tried, sometimes they work at least 4 times harder than their friends and still end up with a C.
  7. The difference between left and right confuses them. They are directionally confused, reading maps is a disaster.


If you know any child that is not doing well in school and you’ve really tried to help but no improvement, try to talk to the parents one of them might have some traits of mild dyslexia. This could go a long way in helping the child, remember dyslexia is an inheritable condition.

There is still more to be shared on dyslexia. I would love to hear from you also.

Stay Blessed.

Chidinma Oluchi.


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