what discipline is all about


Discipline is an important requirement to harvest any seed that has been planted.

Discipline is required in all aspects of life. It’s what makes hard work worth it, productive and colorful

to be disciplined is not an easy task but once you start, you begin to get used to it leading to you enjoying the fruit of your labor.

Whatever your mind is set to accomplish any task discipline puts you in check and determination keeps you going.

A disciplined child has a bright future, a disciplined business will prosper and the same goes for every area of one’s life.

Before discipline comes into play, know your path, know where you belong, don’t do something because another person is doing it and has a great outcome in that area. It’s very important that you find what’s ‘your thing’, not until then will the benefits of discipline begin to show.


Frank was a below average student in his class. He had a friend called Josh who always came first in class and was seen as a brilliant kid. One day Josh thought of ways to help his friend do better in class. They both read together, went for discussion classes together and did every other thing that would be beneficial to frank but nothing really changed. Frank didn’t get better.

One day, Frank began to meditate on what the problem really was. He tried finding out why he was not doing well in class and ways of helping himself. He was really eager to know the way forward.

Finally, one day he was in a tutorial where he heard someone say that “you need to find your own way of reading, find your own style.” This was the key to a new life for Frank, this was what he needed to hear all along.

He always believed that one has to read in class, read at night, read long hours etc. He believed in a lot of rules regarding reading which did not work for him.

                                                                  OUTCOME FOR FRANK

Whenever Frank read, there was no guarantee that he would remember 50% of what he read. He was quite slow in reading to make matters worse but remembered more than 80% of a movie he watched years ago. He was the type of person that enjoyed watching people teach compared to carrying big books to read. This description can be seen in dyslexic patients although Frank is not dyslexic.

Frank began to watch tapes and stream online regarding any topic he read. Once he required the necessary knowledge, he will then go to his books. He needed extra effort to understand things better.

He was determined to discipline himself towards that effect.

Finally, this became better for him little by little until he became one of the best students in his class.

In summary, Frank found what worked for him and had to sacrifice and discipline himself to achieve his goals.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay Blessed.

Chidinma Oluchi



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