4 qualities of a humble person

Humble, Four Qualities of a Humble person

Have you ever wondered why people who are truly rich are quite humble?  There rarely show off neither do they exalt themselves above others. Now the word “truly rich” in the first sentence is very important because there are people who are rich but not truly rich.

Humility does not equal quietness. You can see a man who is rich, quiet but pretends to be humble.


       Characteristics of a Humble Person.

1)These people know that what they have was given to them by a higher power, in this case, God. Though they must have put in some effort but their effort is not equal to what they have achieved or where they are.


2) Secondly, a humble person knows that all these riches are restricted to earthly possession and would not go anywhere with him when he dies. A wise man will begin building Heavenly treasures so he could have them when he gets to heaven.

It is our responsibility to search for how we can build treasures in Heaven and this can be found in the word of God.

4 qualities of a humble person
4 qualities of a humble person

Ways by which we can build treasures in Heaven include;

A)Doing the number 1 work we are asked to do one earth which is going after the lost both in prayers and reaching out to them personally. These people could be near us, people we see every day, etc.

B)Another way is by showing love to people through our giving. It is important for our giving to be fruitful and not wasted, also give cheerfully and not grudgingly. It is better you don’t give at all than to give grudging because it’s like wasting your giving.

Give to the poor, needy, less privileged, the Kingdom of God on earth etc.

Remember, when you give don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing in order words, you don’t have to announce it to everyone.

Also, you should not expect anything in return from that person but your reward from God.

                             Characteristics of a humble person



3) The third characteristics of a humble person is that he does not boast about what he has but is very thankful to God for all He has given him.


4) Finally, he does not run after money or the riches of this world but is very satisfied with what he has because the more you run after money the more you want, it never seems to end.

Most humble, rich people had a very humble beginning and understand what it’s like to be poor and rich. This makes them handle human beings better.

A rich man whose riches are deeply rooted in Christ who went through the phase of training before getting to where he is will keep thanking God no matter what even if the riches were taken from him.

A Biblical example is Job and you can be sure God will manifest himself to you.

Truly humble people are not moved by what they have, their focus is on God, to do the things that really please Him and this is why God entrusts His riches to them. Aim to be part of these people.

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