I will fight for you

I Will Fight For You: How to respond to accusations

I will be treating the topic, I will fight for you and you shall hold your peace. 

The passage is taken from Exodus 14:14, which says, The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.

The second passage is Psalm 46:10, Be still, I know that I am God. I’ll be exalted among the hidden, and I’ll be exalted in the earth. 

Now, what does it mean to hold your peace and let God fight for you? 

Well, in life, We go through ups and downs. We face provocations, we face accusations that will make us want to fight. Well, for those who have strength, some people want to go physical. But for others, they believe their mouth is the weapon. It could be a weapon of whatever, mass destruction.

Fight: Offences will come

But the point is, offenses will surely come, especially for those that are believers in Christ. This is one weapon the devil uses against we believers. He uses people to come against us, to accuse us of things that we didn’t do or to make life difficult for one by saying all sorts of things that are not true. And in such a situation, the normal thing is to want to react and prove your points and tell them, This is not what I did.

This is that. This is that. But what we don’t know is that when we actually stay on the defensive and keep trying to prove our point, the enemy actually likes it. That’s actually what he wants. So it’s like one falling into his trap. The human being, the vessel that is being used at that time also, will be very happy. I learned this from experiences I had. 

An encounter

I worked in this particular organization, and I had this HOD at that time. The workload was already very hard on me. It was really, really hard. It was too much. The pressure was too much. But this HOD came and wanted to add more, making life difficult for me. Although I wasn’t rude, I tried telling him that It won’t be easy to do this. It won’t be easy to do that. And he kept on insisting. It really got me upset. 

I believe he knew how this thing affected me. So it became irregular almost every day. The Head of Department would always show up in the office, which he wasn’t even supposed to be there.

He just probably comes and does his own walk, but he wouldn’t do what I’m doing, which he could also do. So he started coming regularly, frequently. On this particular occasion, I received counsel and was told to keep quiet. I shouldn’t stress and just leave him. Just say what I have to see and let the others go. 

I decided to take this counsel. He’ll come again and talk, talk, talk, provoke me. I’ll just say maybe one or two sentences. Whether he listens, if he doesn’t listen, I would care less. But I’ve made my point. 

A change, the outcome

Then I noticed that he became so angry because I wasn’t “contributing” to what he said. 

And this made me so happy because I was like, wow, this man had always wanted me to be angry on the defensive side, trying to prove my points. I didn’t know that was making him very happy. So when I found out this secret, this was how I lived my life until I left the organization. And honestly, it gave me a lot of peace.

The lesson I learned was just to say what I have to say in a very polite way. Okay, this is, this will not go. This is wrong or this is… In a very polite way. But if they decide not to listen and keep shouting, I leave them. I leave them to God to judge them. And another thing I would like to add is I noticed when I kept my mouth shut, when I kept quiet and handed them over to God, I saw God take charge. 

I saw God in operation. This encouraged me and gave me peace. It’s almost like sitting down with your popcorn and watching a movie. I felt really good about being vindicated without lifting a finger. 

This is why the Bible passage, “I will fight for you and you hold your peace”. Is so real. I’ve experienced it in my life on several occasions. This is just one of the numerous occasions.


In order for God to actually fight for you, in order for God to walk in your life holding your peace is very important. Yes, offenses will come. He said it in Luke 17:1, Offenses will surely come, but you have to be rightly positioned for you to see victory at the end of everything.

The instruction given to us is that we should hold our peace. Make your point, this is this, this, finish and let God take over your battle. Regardless, no matter how painful, it could be very painful. It could be very painful, but just hold your peace and let God fight for you. I hope this has blessed you. God loves you and be happy.


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