Illustration of Faith with respect to Mentality and Declaration

Illustration of Faith with respect to Mentality and Declaration

This post is about having the right mentality and declaration for Faith to work. A lot has been said about Faith in the previous posts like defining Faith. Also, other substances to be added to our Faith in order for it to work, reasons why Faith may not be working in people’s lives and the benefits of Faith. Putting these to practice will make one live differently from the way others are living. 

Let me come down to the practicals of Faith. For something to function perfectly, you need to understand the principles guiding it, the same goes for spiritual rules. Somethings have been said about Faith, personally, what do you think? Is it true? Is it possible? 

The fact that a number of people are struggling and things seem to be difficult doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody is struggling. There are still people buying new cars and building houses that don’t have to steal or get money illegally. What is your mentality like? As a man thinketh, so He is (Proverbs 23: 7).

Your Mentality

Being rich and successful in life does not start with what you see but what you have in your mind. One can see a rich man who is actually a popper mentally because he believes the only way he can be rich is to keep acquiring and stealing from others. On the other hand, there may be another person who people regard as an ordinary or poor man who is actually an employer of labour because of his mindset. Such a person believes and obeys God. He knows he is going somewhere and with the help of God, everything will come to pass. It’s patience that makes the difference.



Illustration of Faith with respect to Mentality and Declaration
Illustration of Faith with respect to Mentality and Declaration





Knowing God’s will

Apart from salvation which enables you to start your Faith journey, you need to know the mind of God in that area.

Pastors, tongue-speaking believers normally miss it when it comes to this aspect. They see something wonderful and believe that it’s the will of God. Don’t be deceived, the devil can come in various forms. In ways that seem good and Holy to the eyes but the end result is the displacement of one’s destiny.

Before putting our Faith to work, we should seek the will of God regarding that area of our lives. Some believe they are seeking God but are actually seeking themselves when their mind is made up. They go to pray, hear themselves and say it’s the will of God. Please take the time to seek the face of God. When you finally get your response and it’s in the affirmative, you can be sure to have God backing you up and it makes your Faith fruitful.

Bold Speaking

Continuous declaration of what we believe not only builds our Faith but makes our Faith produce results. Bold speaking is also attached to knowing the will of God. If you decide to call your child a Barrister because that’s the plan you have for him/ her, this is the wrong declaration.

You are only the custodian of that child. God owns the child and He is the one with a plan for him/ her. Until the will of God is known regarding a particular issue, Faith is invalid. Once the will of God is known, bold declaration gives fast results because For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation (Romans 10: 10) and salvation means total well being.

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