living a healthy and fulfilling life


Living a healthy and fulfilling life includes spiritual, mental, physical and social well-being. It involves taking very good care of yourself because no one will do it better than you.


I will not say so much on this post concerning spiritual health because there is a lot to be said and I have written previous blog posts concerning spirituality.

It would be nice if you could check them out. Spiritual health is the center of human living. We are originally Spirits in a container called the body.

If the spirit is sick, every other part is sick, if the spirit is alive, every other part will be alive and working. We have the will to choose the way we want to go regarding our spiritual lives and accept whatever results we get out of it.

Are you on the right path? How is your relationship with God? how do you feel about it? Is it working for you or are you confused? What steps should you take to live a healthy life? These are important questions to be asked and seeking the right answers is the best way forward.


Mental health has to do with how to cope when one comes in contact with stressful situations of life. People react differently to similar situations in life.

The situation that crushes one could make another stronger.

I advise people to speak out when in difficult situations because if you think you are strong, little by little, it will begin to chew you up.

The molehill becomes a mountain until the person explodes (God forbid).

This has lead to people taking their own lives.

Look for someone you can talk to, people who have passed through similar situations and handled things better than you.

Don’t be proud or shy, people are actually looking up to you.

There are people who will fall victim to that situation and will need your support. What better way is there than to tell your own story and show them the way out.

Spiritual health has a huge effect on mental health.

As Christians, If you have a buoyant Spiritual life it will be easier to cope in difficult situations and this will be turned to something good and beneficial to you if applied well.

This is one reason why it is important to have a solid relationship with God, it makes all the difference in the world. A major key to helping ones-self in this situation is speaking out and with that, one can know the way forward.


It is vital in taking care of yourself and this includes;

Eating well and I mean incorporating fruits and vegetables to your meal regularly (if not daily), exercise regularly, treat yourself to the spa once in a while, go on a break ( working all the time can really stress you out).

Learn new languages, musical instruments, dances or any other thing you have in mind.

 Doing the same thing over and over again could be really boring.

One can also go for a general check-up once in a while, volunteer for programs and feel good about yourself. Dress well, keep tidy and be happy.

If you are on any medication, be faithful to it, if you feel the need to lose weight or grow your hair you can. 

Whatever it is you want to do, just be moderate about it and don’t let it become “your god.”

If there is a habit you really don’t like and would love to stop, seek help from the right persons, people you know will help you.

In summary, treat yourself right don’t let your joy and happiness be dependent on one man or woman.


For this aspect, my point will majorly be on socializing with people.

It is good to socialize but this has to be done with wisdom.

Be careful with the company you keep because if you partner with the wise, you will also become wise. Friends can either pull you up or bring you down.

Be sensitive to opportunities around you especially someone who is in need of a job, start doing something no matter how small.

Don’t stay idle and who knows, that little thing might just turn into an empire with time.

It is your responsibility to make yourself happy when you are on the right path regardless of what any other person says or believes.

You are solely responsible for the outcome of your life.

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