What is love?

Love is very powerful, do you know that it is as strong as death? songs of Solomon 8:6
To love others, you have to know how to love yourself. This does not mean that you are selfish or self-centered.
People that love themselves go far in life.

Some examples of how you know you love yourself.

1) Being independent and not depending on any human being for survival.
2)Not being intimidated by people or things around you.
3)Knowing the right thing to do and doing it.
4)Accepting your faults and correcting them.
5)Following your passion.
6)Staying away from individuals or things you know could hurt you regardless of how enticing they look.
7)Maintaining good self-esteem and working on your self-worth. etc
Once you have done this, you are able to depend on yourself for your happiness.
Depending on others for your happiness makes you vulnerable and disturbs your mental state.
Try to be independent, believe in God and believe in yourself.

Final note

Sometimes situations could arise where it feels like you are the only one against the world, one who takes care of his/her self will come out shining at the end and remember that there is no star without a scar.
Develop yourself, don’t depend on others for your happiness and love others.
Putting into practice what you have learnt is the very first step.
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Stay Blessed.


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