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Moulding your dreams

Before you think of moulding your dreams, you need to know what your dreams are which could also mean your calling, passion, etc.

Life is like a journey, you begin moving until you reach the end. What makes you successful is determined by which path you chose while on your journey.

There are two paths in life, the good and the bad and without God, we all would have headed towards the wrong path.

Still on moulding your dreams, just in case you don’t know, we all are on earth for a purpose, you are not just here coincidentally regardless of the circumstances surrounding your birth.

Some are called precious babies while others were told they were born by “mistake”, well for those told they were born by “mistake” I have good news for you, there is nothing like a “mistake”.

God does not make mistakes, He has a reason for putting you in that home, don’t let people toil with your emotions and tell you things that are not true.

No human being can create another it’s only God that can. You should turn that circumstance into a positive advantage for you, don’t give yourself an excuse for going the wrong way it only damages you.





Even our Lord Jesus Christ was born in a manger, and so were some others.

You need to help yourself so you can help others. Many people in need of help can relate better with those who have gone through the same situation and are victorious.

It gives them a lot of hope and also gives you the opportunity to touch a life. You have no idea how many lives could be affected by yours.

About Moulding your Dreams


In moulding your dreams, you need to first know what you are passionate about. This is a long topic that would need to be broken down bit by bit. I would just highlight some important facts on passion.

Passion is your work, your calling, something you enjoy doing with or without getting paid, it is something you are eager about when you wake up in the morning, something that keeps you going. When you think about it, you have a big smile on your face.

I can keep on going on and on but the summary of this is, your calling adds value to your life and has no negative effect.

Knowing your calling or purpose on earth is one step to moulding your dreams, utilizing or maximizing your potential is another.

I’ve heard people say “Mr so and so prophecied that I will be great” my dear, if you sit there and do nothing about it well that ain’t gonna happen, your calling will not fulfil itself, you have to do something about it.

You have to nurture it, prune it, add some value for the beauty to come out. Some of the value-adding substances include;


Value-adding ingredients


Discipline is very important when it comes to moulding your dreams. This has a lot to do with your time, money, the associations or relationships you keep. Time waits for no man they say, don’t waste your time on irrelevant things, activities or persons. Plan your activities daily weekly, monthly.

How do you spend your money? What eats it up the most? Are you saving up for the future or do you postpone saving till the next month? No matter how little the money seems, save something regularly.

Also, do you have friends who derive pleasure in wasting your time or those that add no value to your life and make you depressed instead of happy? In that case, I’ll advise you to run for your life.

Moulding your dreams requires a focused attitude and cutting all excesses. It’s not easy, sometimes you have to give up “having fun” every weekend to once a month or even less. It could also involve giving up watching movies all day, visiting friends every day even when you are not invited, gossiping about irrelevant things including, boy etc.

We all are guilty of one or more of these things, no one is born perfect, we learn new things every day but what differentiates the wise man from others is applying what he has learnt to his daily life. It is one thing to enjoy reading and another thing to put into practice what you have learnt and see how that works for you.

People that make it to the top, have a unique schedule, totally different from an average man’s. Moving on to the second which is diligence



This simply means you should be consistent with what you are doing, don’t give up easily, enjoy the days of little beginnings cos your best is yet to come.

That unique routine you have, keep at it until it becomes part of your life. Honestly speaking, years ago when motivational speakers come up and say stuff like, be diligent, be disciplined, be determined, etc something inside me will be like, “relax, life is sweet, don’t stress yourself, rest a little while” well, the surname of that “thing” is poverty!

You really don’t want to have a taste of this thing, it makes you fly in the opposite direction to success. Poverty does not just apply to money but academics, business and every other area you can think of.

Some of us can relate to this but the good thing is that once you start your unique routine and keep at it, you’ll become so used to it that it becomes part of you and then you will begin to enjoy the benefits.

It’s just like starting an exercise routine for the first time the first day is usually stressful, some may see it as punishment but with time, you begin to enjoy it and not only that, you see results.

That’s exactly how this works and remember, this is your passion we are talking about, something you enjoy doing but to make it fruitful and fulfilling, some of these things have to be put in place.




This keeps you going regardless of the challenges you may face, it keeps your eyes on the price. Determination makes you maintain your position even when others “chicken out.” With determination, you look past any difficulty that may be staring you in the face.

This goes hand in hand with the next one I’ll be talking about which is integrity.




Integrity is also important when it comes to moulding your dreams, be a woman or man of your words, let your yes be yes and vice versa.

Be truthful, the world we live in is void of truthful people, in fact, people with integrity are not very liked in the society, they need to stand the test of time to show the world what they are really made of. You’ve got to stand up to the challenge, the test and trials you face will make you stronger and better.

The truth will ALWAYS make you free, it may take a little time, you may feel all alone, just wait for it. A man of integrity does not bend rules to favour others nor does he do things to please others.

He treats people equally, both young and old, he loves the truth and hates lies. The same people that mock and abuse you today because you are not doing it their way, are the same people that will praise you tomorrow. Human beings are very susceptible to change.




Patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit and also a unique gift if you have it. This virtue will make it easy to take ALL that belongs to you. Many people are in jail because they lack patience, let me illustrate my point.

Young people can’t wait to get rich. They engage in dubious acts which in turn will lead them to prison, some are killed in the process while others are paying dearly for it.

Also in most cases of murder, if one had patience, such things will never have occurred. People have lost wonderful things that could have turned their lives around due to the lack of patience. As you develop this quality, you stop losing things and everything just gets better.


Wow, on this topic, I just have one thing to say. In order to get to your peak in life, you have to do what only a few people or no one else has done and I mean this in a positive way. Sacrifice comes in the form of your time, resources, pleasure etc.

Moulding your dreams requires the conscious development of these virtues. People are actually doing this already, and are getting great results. Once developed, then beauty begins to show. It’s one step at a time.

I would love to hear from you as always, keep calm and be good. To chat, you can follow me on Tumblr.

Stay Blessed.

Chidinma Oluchi.   

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