What is peace?

Firstly, peace has to do with calmness, quietness around our lives, our state of mind, family, relationships, and others.

Is it possible to have this calmness or peace around you in this very troubled world full of ups and downs?

Sometimes we just want to have our space, be on our own, have our own time but even when we try, we are still not able to get this peace.

Some believe if they get more money, or get married or have children, this peace will come but even after having all these, things still remain the same and you find yourself even wanting more things.

The peace I speak of is more than having a vacation and relaxing with a lot of pampering. While it is good to relax once in a while, it is important we get the real thing.

More on peace

This starts from the inside and then finds it’s way outside, people around will begin to notice this calmness even in the midst of danger, difficulty or trouble, nothing moves you. I’m talking about the peace of God.

One thing you should remember is that peace is a fruit of the Spirit and true peace comes from God. If you truly put your trust in God, you will have this peace and fear of the “unknown” will vanish.

Doubting God rubs you of this peace, we are all guilty of this fact because we are human beings and can relate better with natural things. Most people would only want to believe what they can see, feel, touch and this is a huge limitation.

It is important to note that we are primarily spiritual beings in a container called the flesh/body. Spiritual things can not be seen with physical eyes but are received into the physical realm by the hand of faith and the God we serve is a Spirit (John 4: 24)



how to enjoy peace in this troubled wor
how to enjoy peace in this troubled world



As seemingly impossible as this might sound, the world we live in is very temporal, the original world is spiritual and that’s why people have a limited amount of time to make the most of their lives on earth by following the right part.

How do I find Peace

The peace that passes all understanding is what I advise you search for.

Making Jesus your center of living makes things easy for you. It’s like having a powerhouse that controls every other aspect of one’s life. This does not cost you anything and His gift is free, all you need to do is accept Him into your life.

Just as we have manuals to various product and use these manuals when we cannot find our way around these products, so also the Bible is our manual for living great lives on earth. Take time to study the word of God every day. You’ll see how it will transform your life.

True peace comes by giving God the first place in your life. This is done through studying the word of God which will guide you in all affairs of life and also show you what rightfully belongs to you in Christ. Also, putting your trust in God in every situation you find yourself.

He loves you so much that He sent His only begotten son Jesus to die for you so you. This is so that you can be called His child and inherit all He has promised you. When you study the word of God, you’ll see all these amazing promises. All you need to do is accept Jesus into your life as your Lord and Saviour and start taking steps.

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Stay blessed.

Chidinma Oluchi. 

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