Reasons why we should look forward and not backward

Reasons why we should look forward and not backward

In life, so many situations come the way that makes us blame others as being responsible. One very important fact to note is, looking backward makes one go down while looking forward, not being distracted by things behind makes you go forward. This also accords one the opportunity to have cheap dominion over one’s adversary.

I have heard a number of people blame one person or the other for whatever is happening to them.

A time in my life when I sat down to think about what this and that person did to me, what negative way the devil used them. I then realized that the occurrences that hurt me deeply were the ones I paid so much attention to. Those that mean little or nothing to me now had little or no attention. My mind was set on the prize (the end result). This has nothing to do with the gravity of the situation.

Life is sweet, life is beautiful. To live life to the fullest one thing to bear in mind is, there will always be people around to make you sad whether it be knowingly or unknowingly.

It is our duty to figure a way out. This can be done by keeping our gaze on the things that are lovely. Philippians 4: 8 says,

If you feel you are well loved by everyone well, you will need to have a rethink about that. A number of people you think like you don’t. Some of them are just there for what they can get from you, others may have their own reasons.



Reasons why we should look forward and not backward
Reasons why we should look forward and not backward


Looking Forward

The one person you can be sure loves you without any ulterior motive is God. Let your attention be focused on Him, try to know more about Him.

People will tell you, so and so is the cause of what is happening to you. While this may be true, remember that for anything to manifest physically, it must have taken place spiritually. If you know how to use your spiritual weapon well (Ephesians 6: 13-16 ) then you have no problem. You don’t even need to talk much physically.

If your hands are clean and you are walking with God and obeying His commandments then you have no problem. He will fight every battle you can ever think of for you, just play your part well. Sometimes, He may actually be using what the devil thinks is a tool against you in your favour. Hold on tightly to what God has to say, keep looking forward. Looking backward makes on fall and believe everything people have to say. This can lead to hatred and then being out of God’s will. May God help us all, Amen.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Stay Blessed.

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