Deal with the Source and not the Symptoms

Source: Deal with the Source and not the Symptoms

Once the source is dealt with, every other symptom will disappear. This post is about dealing with the source. First and foremost what do I mean by the source? A source could be an origin or foundation of something. This can be linked to various areas of our lives such as health, business, careers, relationship with people, etc.

A source is the root cause of something which can either be good or bad. When your source is from God, everything shows the light of God around you but when it is of the devil, struggling, difficulty becomes one’s identity.

In this life and age we live in, a lot of people miss this point. They fight, struggle with results/ symptoms of sources rather than dealing with the sources themselves. What they don’t realize is that these symptoms may disappear a bit but will definitely return because the source is still present. The only way to have victory over such is to deal with or uproot the source.

Illustration on Relationship Sources 

There are people who don’t relate well with others not because they don’t want to but see themselves having failed relationships. Some might have developed the rejection mentality or inferiority complex. Such persons may have experienced some form of trauma in their early days that left an indelible mark on them such as abandonment, being rejected by parents, peers, maltreatment from various people. 

Trying to make friends or pleasing people so they can like you will not help the situation but make it worse. The reason is that the source has not yet been dealt with. Until you try to remember what happened that made you become that way, forgive anyone who may have been involved thereby liberating yourself and finally loving and taking care of yourself, you may not be able to have a good relationship with other people. 

Why is that? someone may ask because you cannot give what you don’t have.

Illustration of Financial sources

For those struggling financially, you have to locate the root cause. Rather than fighting with those who haven’t paid your money or getting angry at those who refused to accommodate you, seek the face of God to know the root cause of all of this. It may be as a result of generational curses, not tithing or some other reasons. When God opens your eyes to the cause and it is dealt with, those that once rejected you will beg you to come back. Attack the source and not the effect it gives.

The same thing is seen in medicine. When the cause of a disease is treated, within a little time all the symptoms will disappear.

I’ve observed that most people actually get angry with symptoms in most cases, how an individual treats them. you’ve got the wrong person. They are only agents (knowingly or unknowingly) operating under the source. Once you go straight and attack the devil, every other thing will go back to the way it should be. In order to attack the devil, you yourself must be right standing and a true child of God.

The principle underlying these two illustrations could be used in any areas of our lives where we may be struggling. Always lookout for the source and then deal with it.

I hope this post has enlightened us in some ways cos it has definitely done the same to me.

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Stay Blessed.



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