The spirit, soul and body of a man

The spirit, soul, and body of a man

Principally, man is a spirit, he has a soul and lives in the body. Adam and Eve were highly spiritual to the extent of communicating fluently with God. They became naturally minded when the separation came as a result of disobedience making them more in tune with their flesh.

When children are born, they are very sensitive spiritually. Sometimes they know things adults don’t know or see things they can’t see. As they begin to grow, they get more inclined with the natural and as a result start to lose their spiritual sensitivity.

Compared to the general population of the world, not many people are spiritually sensitive in this day and age. In fact, some think we are only natural beings. There are theories about people becoming extinct after death and some don’t believe in the afterlife. Thank God for those in the body of Christ, we know that there is a better place than earth and how long we spend there cannot be compared to the number of years we spend on earth.

It is very important that we get acquainted with our spirit man because that is the real us. In essence, we are actually spirits. God is a Spirit and those that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4: 24). Therefore, to communicate with God effectively, our spirit man must be highly sensitive.

Further explanation

People are too busy working, attending meetings, and doing all they can to provide for their families. While this is important, we shouldn’t leave our spirit-man (the real us) behind.

The soul comprises the mind, intellect, emotions while the body is the container we live in that enables us to exist on earth. With the body, we are able to see, touch, feel each other and experience the beauty on earth.

The spirit and body are identical. While the body grows old and finally dies (made from dust, Genesis 3: 19), the spirit man lives on and doesn’t grow old cos the spirit is made from the breath of God. We’ve also been promised of new bodies by God which will be given to us in Heaven, we will be transformed. Those who have had a near-death experience and seen their spirit leave said how the senses of the spirit-man are heightened compared to when in the body.

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