wealth: Being all that God wants you to be in your Finances

Wealth: Being all that God wants you to be in your finances

Wealth is a good thing. Gone are those days when people say things like, “as poor as a church rat”. Well, these rats are well fed nowadays. in those days, people had the mentality of, “the poorer you are, the more likely you are to make Heaven”. Bless God for the revelation we see now. Let’s check some Bible passages;

Psalm 35: 27

Let them shout for joy and be glad,
Who favor my righteous cause;
And let them say continually,
“Let the Lord be magnified,
Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.”

Revelation 5: 10 (note, this is the new testament)

And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

We are to reign on earth and not just in Heaven. Please let’s erase this poverty mentality, it’s of the devil. Reigning on earth requires us to be financially secure. God has made us kings and priests and these group of people are entitled to riches.

Steps for reigning in our finances


It’s important that we belong to God and are His children. This is the only way we can reign both on earth and in Heaven. Salvation is the regeneration of your spirit man, you become a brand new person even though your outward appearance still looks the same. It’s also important to have a personal relationship with Him in order to know where He is leading us to per time.

  2) Locate your Purpose

Once you have taken the first step of salvation, you should then begin to locate your purpose in life, asking God what your main purpose in life is, what part you are to play on earth. This is vital because it’s in this area that you will have access to your God-given wealth. This wealth starts little by little and will only continue if you keep obeying every instruction given to you by God both in His word and Rhema.

As you begin to yield to His instructions through the leading of the Holy Spirit, things begin to fall into place with a lot of ease.

One thing I’ve noticed when one is being led by God is, He tells you things you can never accomplish on your own. It’s always glorious and huge and you will always require His help. When this finally comes to pass, all the glory will go back to Him and anyone that attempts taking this glory will be punished. Following God’s leading, has a lot of benefits attached to it including wealth.

Isaiah 48: 21

And they thirsted not when he led them through the deserts: he caused the waters to flow out of the rock for them: he clave the rock also, and the waters gushed out.

When you start living in God’s plan and purpose for your life then your productive race has just begun.

  3) The rule of seedtime and harvest

Everything in the kingdom of God is orderly. There are rules to adhere to, things we must do in order to see results. Sowing and reaping are one of them. Malachi 3: 10 tells us to bring out tithes into the storehouse which is the house of God. Some have made mistakes of giving their tithes to the poor, orphans, etc. This is wrong, it’s important we obey instructions in order to get all the benefit it carries.

There is a place for tithing, there is a place for giving to the poor and needy, there is a place for giving to advance the kingdom of God on earth. None of these portals should be mixed with the other as each of them carry specific blessings but the basis for them all is your tithes and offerings.


wealth: Being all that God wants you to be in your Finances
wealth: Being all that God wants you to be in your Finances



4) Faith and Patience

We are told to be followers of them who through faith and patience obtained the promise (Hebrew 6: 12).  Studying the word of God we’ll see examples in Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, David, etc what they had to go through to finally get to their promise land where they had their wealth. One of such virtue is patience and the other is faith.

Faith is trusting God to perfect all that concerns you and patience is waiting on God to perfect His plan, not being in a hurry. People are not patient enough to wait on God, they believe He is very slow. Don’t forget that He operates out of time, He created time, He knows all and very well knows the best time for you. He takes us from one step to another, little by little once be obey Him.

5) Thanksgiving

This is the last phase. In everything, give thanks (1 Thessalonians 5: 18) also, when we thank God, He directs our path (Proverbs 3: 6).

Thanksgiving results in the preservation and multiplication of our blessings.

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