Wise: Beware of the Company you keep V

Wise: Beware of the Company you keep 5

The saying, “the company you keep determines what accompanies you” is very true. If one keeps company with the wise even though he is not, he will become wise. So also, if one who is already wise parties along with the foolish, slowly he will start to reason like them. Mind those who you call your friends, some are not meant to be. Don’t let sentiment rob you of your glorious destiny in Christ.

If you have a friend moving in the opposite direction of where you are heading to, it’s wisdom to pull out and look for those who have either gone before you or are heading your way. If this doesn’t happen, it’s only a matter of time before he pulls you along his own path. Two cannot walk together unless they agree (Amos 3:3). 

We all have our journey to make on earth the people you surround yourself with, will either make it easy to get to the top or hard. Knowing where you are going is the first step, eliminating all irrelevances around your life is the second step. The third and final step is partnering with God because He alone can send destiny helpers your way.

The best company to keep is the company with God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. If you want to be exceptionally wise, then you need His company because He Himself is Wisdom. He is the all-knowing God and there is no searching of His understanding. Having the Holy Spirit as your guide in life is your advantage to fulfill destiny in grand style. Life is nothing without God in it.

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