Bad choices: Stop Making Excuses for Bad Choices

Bad Choices: Stop Making Excuses for Bad Choices

At an early age as little children, we didn’t know much about making good or bad choices. We had a common ground and common opportunity of fulfilling our destiny in life regardless of the situation or circumstance surrounding our birth. 

As life went one, things began to change. We started seeing things through the eyes of the world. Some good, some bad. People started making decisions that would end up having repercussions in the future. 

Those who made bad choices, some of them were aware of the repercussions but believed, whatever happens, it will be in the future. For some such persons, the future is already here and staring them in the face (not as far as one expected). All they can do is regret their actions and live with the consequences of their bad choices

An Illustration

An intelligent student in the primary school who decided to follow bad friends was associated with a robbery gang and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Another average student who was in the same class with him managed to do well for himself, got a degree in the university and is well respected among his peers.

Although the man in the prison had a bright future and was doing well at the beginning, he now has to spend most of his productive years in prison. It’s only the intervention of God that can make him fulfill what is left of his destiny.

There are people who would have to pay their way through school because their parents don’t have enough or are not around. With the help of God and determination, they still make it in life. Most times along the way, God sends helpers who pay their fees and/ feed them, some others may be through scholarship.

For the fact that they’ve made up their mind to follow the right path irrespective of what comes their way, God never leaves such people. He is the God of the helpless. He is our Ebenezer.

Others who made decisions

Some people give excuses for joining bad gangs such as poverty and hunger, This should not be an excuse at all. Only those who already have it at heart to make a living through hurting and killing others join such gangs. 

They call some school dropouts. My dear people, there are many school dropouts who have made it in life through pure and godly means. Some would tell you that they had to carry cement, do menial jobs before becoming who they are. The secret of a star is in his story.

In fact, one thing I’ve found out in life is, those who will end up becoming rich and fulfilling destiny will most times have to go through some hard processes. This includes poverty, rejection, mockery and other hard times. As much as people run away from hard times, they help in molding one’s destiny. They break the bones of pride and teach one about humility which is very essential for those interested in fulfilling destiny.

These situations help to break every pride they have so that when they are being blessed in abundance, they don’t get controlled by it and will always remember the days of little beginning. 

Stop excuses

Blaming poverty, the government, the devil, poor parenting and every other reason for making bad decisions is overrated. The situation you are going through, people have gone through the same and come out stronger and better. There is no excuse for failure and we are all responsible for the outcome of our lives.

Don’t choose to do evil because your friends or most people are choosing to do so. Your crash might be worse than theirs. leave them alone, let them laugh at you and call you names. Tomorrow, the tables will turn. There is nothing new under the sun and this has always been the case.

Way Forward

Look up to God with a sincere heart, look up to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Cry to Him for help when things seem to be going in the wrong direction. He will always send help. Never fail to acknowledge His help so that He can keep directing your path.

God is not far away, He is close to you more than you know. For believers in Christ, He is inside you and ready to listen when you call.

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