Believe in your God and you shall prosper

Believe in your God and you will prosper

Believe in your God and you will prosper

When one talks about prosperity, it is more than what money can buy. Prosperity involves areas such as health, finance, spiritual, mental and other areas one can think of. A man prospered by God has nothing bothering Him because he knows the source of His wealth. A number of people who have gotten wealth from alternative sources don’t have peace of mind. Some can’t even sleep properly at night and believe people are after them.

The prosperity gotten from God is pure and would not need your peace for exchange rather, this prosperity comes with peace of mind.

The difference between prosperity gotten from God and that from an alternative source is, godly prosperity lasts forever and will be passed on to our children’s children. Also, you will have treasures laid up for you in Heaven where you will dwell with God in eternity. This, of course, requires you playing your part e.g giving to the poor.

Both prosperity gotten from God and that gotten from alternative sources come with a price. 

The price for godly prosperity usually occurs throughout life and it’s from one test to another. Usually, it starts with baby steps. Things may look tough at the beginning but as you start learning what you should and shouldn’t do, it gets better. 

Some Example

We learn to trust God for our health and healing and believe that Jesus already took away our sicknesses and diseases. By doing so, we have committed God to work on our behalf. Just as faith with action is the requirement for healing, sticking to the covenant of tithing together with giving and receiving is for prosperity.

Getting results will make us want to abide by the rules more and more. Knowing God and accepting Him is the first way to accessing our prosperity right in Christ.

Also, God leads us individually through the inner witness. He gives us instructions that only pertain to us and no one else. When we obey and acknowledge Him, He begins to lead us even further. 

Furthermore, God takes us through the school of Faith, trust, patience and other virtues to know if we are mature enough to receive what He has for us. This is where many miss it. People see God as being very slow and this makes them do things their own way.


Believe in your God and you shall prosper
Believe in your God and you shall prosper



God will not entrust His wealth to you if he tests you and finds out that you will run away with it, go astray or eat everything alone. One has to grow to the level of maturity where God feels it’s safe to entrust His wealth to you.

It’s possible to have unbelievers making millions while believers wallow in poverty. The believer does not know his right while an unbeliever’s wealth is restricted to earthly gains which can finish at any time.


Final Note

God-given prosperity is commanded and God makes it so obvious to us that this prosperity accomplished what is beyond human capacity and imagination.

Prosperity is one thing we should desire as believers. The era of one being poor in order to make Heaven has gone. It is God’s will that we prosper and be in good health even as our soul prospereth (3 John 1: 2). Il-gotten wealth may not have repercussions in the beginning but at the end will lead to penury, poverty, and destruction. This has always been the case.

Godly prosperity has great benefits accompanying it. It is therefore important to choose it today.

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Stay Blessed.



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