Beware of speaking ill against others

Beware of Speaking ill against others.

As Christians and in our walk with God, there are things we should be mindful of. These sins that we see as “little” are things that spoil the vine. We are all aware that stealing, fornication, pride, adultery, bribery are sins. one of the reasons why some believers have missed out on eternity is because of the so-called “little sin” like unforgiveness, talking ill of others, etc. There is no love in all of this and remember until one fulfills the commandment which is based on love, one cannot be found worthy of Heaven.

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in this post with the help of the Holy Spirit, I will be writing on ill speaking. A number of us are guilty of this sin. So many things happen around our lives that we can’t just keep to ourselves but prefer to share with others.

While this is okay, one should be mindful of whom this is shared with and also be careful not to paint others in a negative way. in order words, choose to see the good in people rather than the bad. Knowingly or unknowingly, people complicate their lives and sin when they speak negatively about others. this has even led some people to their early grave.

Speaking about others

One should be careful of how one speaks about men/ women of God regardless of what the person may have done be it positive or negative. God is the one that has the right to deal with His servants whichever way He deems fit not you or me.

Remember that God is no respecter of persons. Even if you’ve had diverse glorious encounters with God and you go off course, one will be punished appropriately. He punishes or allows some things to happen to us because of His love for us. This is so that we don’t repeat that same mistake and end up tragically.

Some have spoken against men of God whom they thought were false prophets and had to pay for it. There are pastors living in sin and doing all manner of evil indirectly driving members away from the church. It’s not our duty to speak negatively about these men rather, we should pray for them and let God handle them Himself.

Remember Saul and David, despite Saul’s plot to kill David, David had the golden opportunity to retaliate but he didn’t he told them that he could not touch whom God has anointed.

Let us have the mentality of speaking positively about people and may God help us imbibe this mentality, Amen.

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Stay Blessed.

Chidinma Oluchi


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