Divine presence: How to attract God’s presence

If there is anything one should request from God asides salvation, it’s divine presence. Divine presence is normally triggered by what we do or don’t do i.e, doing what God wants us to do and staying away from evil.

Having God with you clears off all barriers on your path. Some people have the divine presence but are ignorant of it. This has cost them a lot resulting in various forms of heartache. Job in the Bible had the divine presence of God but he didn’t know. He allowed the devil to use his fears against him.

It’s one thing to have a divine presence and know it, it’s another thing to have it but not know it. The result people get from having the divine presence of God and not knowing it is similar to those who don’t have it at all. Remember, God said in His Word, “my people perish for lack of knowledge”. Knowing God is with you eliminates fear and entitles you to many blessings.

As earlier said, the divine presence is normally triggered. God’s presence dwells with those He is pleased with.

How to trigger the divine presence

Obeying what God tells you to do per time both in His word and as He speaks to you personally triggers His presence. God is always speaking, we are the ones to tune our spiritual hears to what He has to say.

Examples of areas to obey God and trigger His blessings and presence are as follows;

1) Kingdom endeavors

This means praying for the souls of men to be saved, reaching out to the lost, praying for the advancement of God’s kingdom. John 3: 16 tells us how God loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten son. The soul of man is very precious to God. You can’t do what touches the heart of God so much and not expect His presence and blessings to follow you.

2) Love

The commandment is based on love. We are to love God first above all things because He first loved us even when we were living in sin. Love God to the point of becoming His friend. The more you love God, the more your eyes are opened to see how the devil and his agents are way beneath you. We are also to love our neighbors as ourselves, not speaking ill of others or having any form of bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred towards one another.



3) Helping others

Spreading the love of God to people around you through your attitude makes God work through you, for you and with you.

4) Meekness and humility

A lot of lessons to be learnt about these virtues in the book of Proverbs. Our perfect example is Jesus, He is the only begotten of the Father, who has all the wealth in the world but came to earth, was delivered in a manger, was beaten, battered and killed by the very same people He came to set free. The Bible tells us that Jesus was obedient to death even the death of the cross despite all the power He had in Him. Jesus is our epitome of meekness and humility. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. God hates pride and will always exalt the humble. An attribute of this virtue is being teachable both by God and man.

Sometimes in our walk with God, He corrects us in some aspects of life. Receiving these corrections with joy rather than arguments makes one grow.

5) Be calm even when men speak ill of you

God is very pleased when men abuse you, do all manner of evil things to you but despite all, you remain calm, hand it over to God and keep doing His will. You can be 100% sure of His defense. All you need to do is cross your leg, relax and watch how He fights for you. Also how He will prepare a table before you right in the presence of your enemies.

6) Praise and Worship

Praise and worship brings down the presence of God because He inhabits the praises of His people.

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Chidinma Oluchi.


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