Choose for things to follow you.

Choose for things to follow you

Our outcome in life is a result of the choices we make. You choose what follows you. just as you choose your friends, clothes, shoes, etc. that’s the same way we choose our path in life either consciously or subconsciously. What you choose defines you.

Among other things, I will be discussing 3 paths in life.

First category

The first is unbelievers who know that there is a God but have various theories of who God may be and are more interested in what they can see here on earth.

 These set of people go about their normal business. Whatever good thing they get is good luck or their hard work and whatever bad thing that comes to them, they’ll say, “such is life”. They don’t really believe in the supernatural although they know that there is a satan and evil exists.

Such people are driven by the wind of life. Whatever direction it blows, they follow. These people are prone to siding with the devil because any little challenge they have, they would need a higher power and the agents of darkness are everywhere.

Although such people may be rich and try flaunting their wealth to others. Such wealth can easily be blown away by the devil. There is no foundation and it yields no dividends in eternity

The Second category

These groups are believers who are not walking in the reality of what they have. This could be a result of not knowing, not believing or not putting into practice what they know.

Such persons need to pray and beg God for almost everything in their lives. They don’t follow the principles of life that have been laid down before them. They are more concerned with what they can see rather than things they cannot see. In essence, they believe in the supernatural but don’t pay much attention to it.

They love God, believe in Jesus but would wait for God to do everything for them without them playing their part. These people have not realized the importance of obedience to God’s instructions. They do things but don’t know what to expect from what they do (religion). Most of the time, they don’t really have a close relationship with God. 

Although these groups of people, being believers and abstaining from all forms of sin will spend eternity with God, they will not be all that God wants them to be.

The Third Category

The third group are those who actually know their God. They have a close relationship with their God and are not moved by challenges or situations that may come their way. Such people may not have a dime in their account but are too sure that they can never be stranded.

These set of people don’t normally pray the bread and butter prayer that most of us do e.g, God give me this and that (material things). Rather, they ask God what they can do for Him, they pray for the needs of others and place their priority in seeking the kingdom of God first.

Although their beginning may not look like it, their end is usually greatly increased. they have found the secret things of life and are applying it accordingly.

These people end up having things pursuing them. Things that others will beg, fast and pray for will locate them without lifting a finger or attempting to pray. They are not only blessed on earth but also eternity.


Which group do you belong to?

Which do you prefer? Let’s make the right decision today by following Jesus and doing what He tells us to do both in His Word and in our personal lives. By doing this, we join the people in the third category.


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