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I remember some years back when I see Christians get excited and wondered what was making them so happy. Not that I wasn’t a Christian but I didn’t understand what the excitement was all about. Later I found out that these people have more understanding of things than I also, they applied what they found and got obvious results. Mine was just on the surface and I was not applying anything.

I had a little understanding of healing and others but never really saw a miracle. I had the mentality of, “oh! God allowed this and that to happen” not knowing that I can actually take authority of what happens around me when I am walking with God and according to His plan. I also noticed Christians whose fruits were not worth emulating and this was discouraging.

Going to Church was like fulfilling all righteousness so that others will not see you as a sinner. Then, I didn’t know that going to church has a lot of benefits. It’s in church our strength is energized ( Psalm 84: 7) and we also take what belongs to us (Obadiah 1: 17).

Later years in secondary school, I began to walk closely with God and became more conscious of His presence. A particular day the executives of the chapel had a prayer meeting and during this period, I was told that things were revealed to them concerning their destiny and purpose.


Christians, Christianity Taking it one step at a time.
Christians, Christianity Taking it one step at a time.



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I quietly spoke to God and asked Him to reveal His plan for my life. Despite the fact that was not an exco-member God answered me. What He told me then has taken shape in my life and He is still revealing more to me little by little.

A large number of people are practicing religion rather than having a true walk with God. Practicing religion alone without knowing the importance of the Word of God regarding your life leads to frustration, hardship, malice, etc.

There are rules one has to follow as a Christian to experience the raw manifestation of God in our lives. Obedience to these rules makes one more than a conqueror while disobedience or Ignorance makes one grounded.

Throughout this month, I will give some illustrations of such and what we must do to always stay on top.

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Stay Blessed.

Chidinma Oluchi.


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