Assignment: Do you prefer to do God's will or yours_

Assignment: Do you prefer to do God’s will or yours?

For those that have read through my posts, you will notice that I have spoken about purpose or your assignment on earth. Knowing the plan of God for your life and doing it is vital.
God created each and every one of us for a particular reason. People are not even aware that they are on a particular assignment on earth. They don’t know that being on earth is to fulfill a particular purpose and after which, we are to report back home which is Heaven (eternity).

The reward one gets in Heaven is determined by the work one does on earth. First and foremost, one has to make it to Heaven before receiving any reward. When people are born and begin to grow, they sometimes have the mentality of living forever on earth. No one lives forever on earth. Earth is temporary but eternity is permanent. Also, time waits for no man.


Assignment: Do you prefer to do God's will or yours_
Assignment: Do you prefer to do God’s will or yours_



Unfortunately, some will prefer to only enjoy themselves on earth and have nothing to show in eternity. It is better to work hard while the day is bright and young because the night cometh when one will not be able to work. It is more profitable to have little on earth and at the same time doing what it takes to store treasure for yourself in Heaven. Each and every one of us leaves planet earth without anything physical.

Do you know that we can have it both ways? We can live very well on earth and have lots and lots of treasures in Heaven. In fact, this is one of the reasons Jesus came to die for us so that we can have it both ways (Revelation 5: 12). God also delights in the prosperity of His servants (Psalm 35 vs 27).

How is this possible? What must I do? The Word of God is good news, it brings good tidings to sweeten our soul. God speaking in His Word said, “my people perish for lack of knowledge”.

Step 1

Knowledge is the first step to having it both ways. When Adam was created, he was put in the garden of Eden to take care of it. In essence, he was given something to do. This is the same way each and every one of us are created to fulfill a particular purpose. having this knowledge creates a good step in the right direction. It’s true that some might have their parents plan their destiny even before they were born but who would you rather obey? 

Step 2

Ask God specific questions regarding this assignment. Search through the Word of God, pray for revelations regarding the plan, try to stay quiet/ observe a quiet time with Him. God is a prayer-answering God and He will definitely answer you. God unveils His plan to us bit by bit and finding out what God plan is for your life is a thing of Joy.

Some of the reasons why people believe they haven’t heard anything from God is because what they heard God say is not what they want. if you stick to God’s plan and obey all He commands you to do, you will always be on top. it’s there that your star begins to rise.

Step 3

you will need the ingredients of dedication, diligence, and sacrifice in that plan. Being faithful in one stage makes you rise to the next. When you are in this assignment, things begin to take place naturally. Your life becomes free of stress, people get drawn to you naturally, giving becomes a thing of joy and your light begins to shine bright and brighter till Jesus comes or you are called home.

Doing the will of God naturally provokes the presence of God and this makes one enjoy peace of mind. It is more profitable to fulfill the will of God than man.

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