What to do when distractions come your way

If you have someone or something in your place of work that always gets you upset or worked up, that person/ thing is a distraction. Dealing with it appropriately will make life easier for you.

3) Distractions at Home.

If you regularly have a quarrel with your spouse or members of your family, this is a distraction that can weigh you down.

It is your God-given right to be happy. Nobody has the right to steal your joy but you have to help yourself. No human being will do it for you except you. Sometimes I wonder why when God is mentioned in a particular case (e.g It’s only God that can help you out) people automatically close the case themselves. Only if they knew that God is the God of all possibilities and that there is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE for Him to do.

When we find ourselves in this situation, we ask God for wisdom. The wisdom from above clears all doubt or issue of concern to us. This wisdom makes an issue looking like a mountain becomes a molehill.

When there is tension in the home, when the enemy is having a party in one’s life, the person to blame is one’s self and not God. Why is that? Because wisdom is profitable to direct ( Ecc 10: 10) and if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask ( James 1: 5)

This wisdom is the supernatural wisdom from above. More superior to common sense or diabolic wisdom. This wisdom clears all doubt.

There are people placed in strategic areas in life (knowingly or unknowingly to them) by the devil to frustrate people’s lives. When the devil sees it’s getting to you, he intensifies his efforts. Ignoring them like they were never there is one way of getting your victory especially if it is something that can easily be avoided.

When the devil finds out that you cannot be touched spiritually, he tries to place people physically in different places to cause distractions. This could have an effect on how one functions if he/she falls for the trap. All that the enemy wants to do is to prevent one from fulfilling God plan. God forbid, it shall not come to pass.

Other distractions are; lack of money, fear of accidents, children being a concern to parents, etc.

The ways we combat these distractions

    1)Discern that it is a distraction.

This is the beginning of your victory. I have noticed that some people see distractions as a part of life which is a lie from the pit of hell.

     2) Begin to gather your weapon.

In gathering your weapon, you need;

i) The Word of God regarding that issue


ii) The shield of faith to quench all the fiery darts of the devil i.e believing that God is more than able to take care of the situation. You can also read Christian motivational books regarding that subject to build up your faith.


iii) You need the wisdom from above i.e to ask God what you must do regarding that area that the distraction may be coming from.


iv) Do what you have been instructed to do by God and common sense e.g cutting off friends that have a negative influence on you, channeling your time in a more appropriate way, ignoring anything or anyone that may make you tensed and handing over the battle to God. 

May God help us to do the things that please Him every day of our lives, Amen

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Stay Blessed.




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