You are not a failure so don't quit

You are not a failure, so don’t quit

Failing at something doesn’t mean you are a failure. It means failing and refusing to walk past whatever that is. Yes, someone might fall many times but it’s the rising up that makes you victorious/ an overcomer.

Now, as I wrote in previous posts, one must actually be in the will of God to fulfill destiny/ purpose, there are a number of reasons why people are failing and others are way ahead of them.

  1)One is out of purpose

We are all on earth for a purpose, find out what that purpose is and stay on your lane. Don’t go to someone else’s lane because it looks more superior to yours (which is a lie). God’s plan and purpose that He has given to each and every one of us is what will make us stand out in life. Any other thing is fake, only a matter of time before it starts crashing down.

God knows you more than you know yourself because He created you.

   2) Not being sensitive to the leading of the Spirit of God or being too busy to listen to what God has to tell you.

Having the sweet communion/ fellowship of the Holy Spirit gives you all the advantage you will ever need. A number of bad things will never have happened if one was careful enough to listen to what the Spirit of God was saying at the time. People will not have entered wrong marriages, business deals, association, etc. if one had listened to God.

As believers, God is always speaking to us and it’s our responsibility to tune in to the frequency of the Spirit to get the signal.

Many people are too busy with their lives and no longer have time to ask God what He thinks on various aspects of their lives. This also includes strong ministers of God who are out and about doing the work of God. The devil always devises new means of distracting children of God. It is our responsibility to learn to stay quiet and listen to what God is saying.


You are not a failure so don't quit
You are not a failure so don’t quit


With one fulfilling these obligations, failure will become a thing of the past. People who still struggle with things have to find out where they are missing it and then work on that area.

No one is a failure if you are sure you are in the right plan of God for your life and by the Spirit of God you know you are doing the right thing, just hang in there. Don’t give up.

Probably you may need to change your way of doing things or there is something missing that needs to be added.

In essence, God knows all things, why not ask Him and listen to what He has to say to you.

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Stay Blessed as we move along in this glorious journey in Christ Jesus.

Chidinma Nwoha.



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