What to know about FAME and all it's attachments

Fame, What to know about Fame and All it’s Attachments

Fame, a number of people want to be famous, recognized, have power etc. Some can kill to have all these.

For every new level, there is a new devil, for every open door, the devil is always there to contest it.


What is fame?

This is a state of being well known, talked about and popular. You rarely see a person that does not like fame while on the other hand, famous people miss their privacy.


Fame is good, being popular is good but you must learn to discipline yourself. As one goes higher up the ladder of success, the place gets lonely, you are no longer free doing what you are used to and the ones you call your friends will begin to disappoint and milk you at any given opportunity. People long for fame but they are too short-sighted to see the other side.


Nowadays, when children are asked what they want to become in future, among other answers some of them will give the response to becoming famous.


Being famous comes with its own perks. People have different personality traits, therefore, respond differently to fame. Some love fame so much and can do anything to keep it ( these group of people will lose it), some others didn’t plan for it, it just showed up on their doorstep. Another group happens to be born into it ( no room for escape).

Whatever the case may be, the outcome is often similar if not handled well.


Just as power has a drunken effect on people, so does fame. A lot of people get lost through a brief period of fame and end up becoming their own worst enemy. The most common reason for this is low-self esteem.


Not knowing one’s self-worth causes a lot of damage.

A number of famous people are not well grounded. Once all the attention moves away from them or if the good publicity turns bad, they begin to burn out. Some will even do unthinkable things with their lives.


One thing people should know especially those in the circular world is that fame fluctuates, it comes and goes, good publicity today, bad publicity tomorrow. Tying one’s life to it makes the person fluctuate and unstable resulting in mental instability.


Is it possible to be sincerely happy and also famous? O yes, it’s very possible. It takes self-development and maturity.



How to go about managing Fame.


First and foremost, you’ve got to love yourself.


Be happy with who you are, stop looking at another person’s life. Contentment is key. You are not fake but the original version of God’s creation.


Before you think of hurting yourself in any way, take a trip to the hospital you’ll see a lot of people who can’t do anything on their own and always need to be supported, look at those who are disabled and yet very happy to be alive, look for the refugees, internally displaced persons who have no roof over their head but try to make themselves happy.


What of those on the verge of dying and would do anything to have a second chance in life. That situation you are passing through, there are hundreds of people going through worse things and are surviving. It takes a strong person to survive and once you’ve passed that stage ( because you surely will) don’t forget to help others in similar situations.


Secondly, build your self-esteem.


Damaged self-esteem, if not repaired will lead to havoc. A lot of things could be responsible for low self-esteem and most of the time, this insult occurred while one was still young. It starts little by little as drops of water later turning into an ocean. Victims of this become manipulated by life.


They end up finding their self-worth in material things, power, fame etc. This is very risky because if these things crash, they also crash with it, getting lost in the process.


On the other hand, those with good self-esteem, both in good and bad times are never moved, they remain the same. They value themselves so much to the extent that your praise or criticism does not affect them.


Search yourself, be honest with yourself, find the root cause of this decreased self-esteem and bring it to the limelight. Don’t pamper or bury it, expose it in order to gain back your freedom. Accepting your weakness and working on it is the way forward. Lying to yourself about the truth is killing yourself softly.


Speak out, look for help, locate people who have gone through the same thing you are going through now.


It’s important to emphasize that you being bold enough to locate your weakness and speaking about it does not make you weak. In fact, it shows how much power you have over it. This may not make much sense now but in the end, you will remember this statement and be grateful you did the right thing.


Work on yourself, be positive, do things that make you happy and enjoy nature. You are solely responsible for the outcome of your life regardless of what others may say or believe. After all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You can’t control their mouth but you can control your happiness. As far as you are not hurting yourself or anyone, be happy, life is beautiful.

More to come on this topic so look out.


Stay Blessed.


Chidinma Oluchi.


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