5 Reasons why your Prayer is not being Answered.

Prayer, 5 Reasons why your Prayer is not being Answered

Prayer, there is a lot to know about prayer. This is the manner in which we communicate with God. When we want something from God, we pray through Faith.

There are various forms of prayer; Intercessory (for others, the church etc), Supplicatory (yourself), Warfare etc.


Some people pray for the sake of religion, they don’t expect to receive anything in return. These people are surprised when they receive answers to their prayers.


Everything in the Kingdom of God is organized and requires rules to be followed. If you pray and see no results, then the problem is with you not God because God cannot change, neither can He lower His standards. He is too faithful to fail, just as He said it in His word, He will surely bring it to pass.

The first step, therefore, is to examine yourself. Where did you miss it?


With this post, I will be showing you 5 reasons why your prayer is not being answered.


  1. You are still living in sin / you don’t know Jesus.


Our Heavenly Father is ever ready and willing to answer our prayers but we ourselves need to fine-tune our lives towards the frequency of God.

Sin separates us and drives us far from God making it hard to hear him. Remember that God is holy and there is no sin in Him i.e He can’t stand Sin.

Therefore, we need to surrender our lives to Jesus, accept Him as our personal Lord and Saviour ( Salvation). Also, renew our lives and begin to live right according to the terms of God which can be seen in the Word of God.

Once this is done, we are able to come boldly to the throne of grace knowing that we are children of God.


2) You are not Praying right.


Like I said earlier, there are rules on how to pray which will be expatiated here.

i) Praying in the name of Jesus Christ.

No one can come to the Father except through Jesus. It is in Jesus that the Father sees and hears us properly. Whenever the Father sees us, He sees Jesus in us. That was the reason Jesus had to die to make this possible and “Christ” is the anointing on Jesus.

ii) Praying in Faith.

What makes your prayer potent is the Faith content it posses. It’s not about shouting aloud in prayer or taking a particular position to pray neither is it about the duration of the prayer. Faith is what makes prayer work.

Remember, Faith is the substance of things hoped for (expected) and the evidence of things not seen.


iii) Believe that your prayer has been Answered.

If you still feel depressed and still doubt after praying, then that prayer was of no use. Hannah in the Bible prayed concerning her Samuel. After the prayer, she ate and her countenance was no longer sad because she believed God has answered her.


3) Praying according to the will of God.

The will of God is in His word. Search the word of God regarding that issue in your life that needs prayers. Have your strong points and present it to God in prayers. In Isaiah 1: 18a God said, “ come now, and let us reason together”. Also, Isaiah 41: 21 says, “ produce your cause, saith the LORD; bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Jacob”.

Isn’t this wonderful? How best is it to bring your strong reason if not with what God says in His word.

One thing you should know about the word of God is that it brings Joy and Happiness. There is always something new seen in a brighter light that stirs Joy.


4) Asking God direct questions

Asking God questions concerning your life is not a crime neither is it a taboo. When you ask God, wait calmly for His reply because He is a question answering God. Once you do what He tells you to do, you can be sure to receive answers. A Biblical example is David. David always asked God for the way forward and was patient enough to receive what God had to say. He always received answers even in situations that seemed similar I Samuel 30 vs 1-end ( another person would have applied the same method without confirming from God).


I remember one day, I was in the car and needed to put my Tablet somewhere because it was inconveniencing me. I looked around, couldn’t get a place so I had to place it on my lap while driving.

I said a simple prayer, “ Father, please show me a place to put this Tablet” before I knew it, my eyes opened and I found a place right beside me around the door. People may say it’s coincidental at the same time, they are free to believe whatever they want to.

                   Other Testimony

There is this other testimony regarding my Father in the Faith. There was big equipment that needed to be used in a small building. In order for this equipment to pass through, various parts would need to be dismantled. He spoke in tongues for few minutes then asked for the dimension of the building and that of the equipment tyre.

The conclusion was to deflate the tyres in order for it to pass through and then re-inflate afterwords instead of dismantling the whole thing. Oh! Yes, that easy.

There are so many unnecessary things people go through. If they could sincerely ask God for the way forward, things will get better for them. It’s also important not to take this for granted once you realize how easy it is but keep giving God thanks. Always remember to count your blessings.


5) Thanksgiving

Why do you think Jesus gave thanks even before the results came in? Like before He rose Lazarus from the dead, before the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes were multiplied.

Well, thanksgiving secures your blessings and it’s the last button to dial if you want to see prophecies fulfilled and answers to prayers.

Even in our Lord’s prayers, you’ll notice that the ending portion is Thanksgiving.

Always give thanks at the end of your prayer. Believe you have received it and you will definitely have it.

I will end on this note, Being aware of your needs but deciding to pray for the Kingdom of God, needs of people etc make your needs met automatically (Matthew 6: 33)

Hope you enjoyed the post and I would love to hear from you.

Stay Blessed

Chidinma Oluchi.


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