Give thanks: In the midst of storms give thanks

Give thanks: In the Midst of Storms Give Thanks

In life, when things are getting tough and one is not able to continue, one of the hardest things to do is give thanks to God.

Before I understood the mystery of thanksgiving and praise, whenever I saw people praising God in the midst of storms, it made no sense to me. The belief was, “God should not have allowed this to happen”. This is one reason people blame God and some have even turned their backs on God because of some evil occurrences. Well, if you turn your back on God the creator of the whole universe, who then will help you?

God puts us through tests and trials which in most cases are not palatable and even when we are in such states, He creates a way of escape for us ( 1 Corinthians 10: 13). The devil is the one whose mission is to steal, kill, and destroy ( John 10: 10). Whenever we see any of these 3 things happening in our lives, we should know that it’s not from God but the devil. Before tragedy happens, God would already have warned the individual through their spirit man (inner witness), dreams, or may even send people to them. 

If we recall some things that didn’t go well in our lives, we’ll find out that there was a “premonition” that was ignored. God is so caring that He warns us ahead of time but people are too busy and ignore the signals. God does not interrupt the will He has given us if not, possibly everyone would go to Heaven by force. We are to choose which path to follow.

Back to Giving Thanks

As I said earlier, I didn’t really understand why people would decide to give thanks when something bad happens or is happening. I saw it as a religious thing. Unfortunately, people still don’t understand the mystery behind giving thanks to God in bad times yet they do it anyway.

Almost everyone rejoices and gives thanks to God when something good happens. Only a few do the same in bad times. It’s important to understand the mystery behind this if not, no profit will be yielded. 

The Mystery of thanksgiving

Just as we have the mystery of the communion, anointing oil, mantle, and the Word of God, we also have the mystery of thanksgiving. When things get tough and you give God thanks and praise, He is very pleased. This shows how much you trust in Him, not only in good times but also in bad times. Now, not only will God reward you, He will then turn that captivity around. This will feel like one is dreaming (Psalm 126: 1). 

If you are in a situation where something bad has happened and you’ve lost control over that situation or you don’t know what else to do, just switch to praise. All you need is your heart and mouth. This happened to Paul and Silas, I’ve also experienced this a lot of times. Sometimes after giving praise and thanksgiving to God, I receive a clear direction on what to do. People have been raised back from life and burdens have been lifted off people’s shoulders through this mystery.

When you give thanks to God, even if you don’t see things happening in the physical, don’t stop being thankful. The atmosphere is changing spiritually in your favour and when this is complete, the physical is then seen. Habakkuk 2: 1- 3 gives a picture of this.

If you are going through any rough path, trial, tribulation at the moment, please engage the mystery of thanksgiving. God will not only show you a way of escape but will turn that captivity around.

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