Is It Possible to Enjoy True and Lasting Fulfillment of Earth_

Is it possible to enjoy true and lasting fulfillment on earth?

Everyone loves to enjoy fulfillment in life. The heart of man longs for fulfillment. We all long to fulfill the plan/ destiny God has given us but many are not even aware of this longing. They have this feeling but don’t know what exactly it is.

Have you been in a situation where you so much long for something, after getting it you are not satisfied rather you want more? This has led many to keep craving for things despite having it in excess. What explanation do you have for a man who is extremely rich, has all the wealth in the world and still craves for more wealth and power? The truth is, even if he gets more of this, it will not fill the void/longing that he has in his heart. This will only take him deeper into the path of destruction if he continues.

Those who have ambitions of being famous especially if they believe their fulfillment lies there, end up becoming lonely and unfulfilled after getting it. Yes, they may have many “friends” but it will only take them few experiences to realize that they have little or none. Most people are attracted to what you have and can give. The only person you can be 100% sure likes you for who you are is God cos in the first place, He gave you what you have. Why do rich and famous people attempt/ commit suicide despite all they have?

It’s just unfortunate, people are not truthful. they would rather live a fake and uncomfortable life than to say the truth and be free from all forms of discomfort.

The effect of sin

While everyone has sinned and come short of the glory of God, God has given us the grace to live above sin. You don’t watch sin and wait for it to come closer, you flee. When one commits sin,  there is usually that guilt and unpleasant feeling one has (for those who still have a conscience). Also, in sins like fornication, adultery, at the time the act is being performed, they are in cloud 9 but after the act is committed, their moral drops. They begin to ask themselves why they did it. Sometimes this results in a repetitive cycle leading to addiction.

People know the difference between right and wrong. When one does wrong, there is usually that dread either before or after committing the act but with right doing, you experience peace of mind even if the whole world is against you. That internal peace will always be there.

The devil being the father of sin knows how to package it well thereby making it look inviting and enticing. People who end up falling into the trap without repentance are on the path of destruction. The devil also introduces sin little by little through the mind, what one sees or hears. Before they know it, they are neck-deep into the sin.

Still on sin

People addicted to one thing or the other are not happy about it. Some know this will end up killing them but yet, can’t do anything about it. Some have sought help but still find themselves doing it all over again. Even though they may seem happy and okay to others, deep down they are dying. This is a sad situation but thanks to God, there is a way out. All you need to do is get serious with Jesus.

People are in need of help. They want to be happy, experience peace and fulfillment which some may not even believe exists in this world. You don’t need to keep suffering in silence and beating up yourself. You don’t need to keep wishing for these things that have already been paid for on your behalf by the blood of Jesus. 

All you need to do is become serious about accessing what belongs to you and take steps towards it. Jesus told us that in this world we will have tribulations but we should be of good cheer because He has overcome the world (John 16: 33). In essence, relax because, for each tribulation, God has already placed a key in our hand to overcome them all. We access these keys when we study the word of God pertaining to that area of our lives and we do what He commands.

The reason why people are still going through all this is because they don’t know or are not doing what the Word of God says should be done. Obedience to God and His instructions is very important in the journey of life.

Way Forward

To find a way out, first and foremost you need to be truthful to yourself ‘cos it’s you who will suffer the consequences not someone else. Sin has nothing to offer anyone, it only leads to destruction.

Secondly, God has placed us on earth for a purpose, to beautify the earth with our gifts. Being in that calling is what brings us fulfillment and heavenly riches on earth. Staying outside will always create a void and a feeling of unfulfillment.

Peace, Joy, and true fulfillment can only be gotten from God, the Father of light who hates sin. This means that you can’t have access to God if you are still living in sin. Therefore, turn from your sin and rededicate your life all over to God, then start afresh. This will fill the void you have and remember, whatever He tells you to do, do it.

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