The Need to Value Yourself

The need to value yourself

In life, it is important to value yourself. Don’t give people the chance to talk you down or make you feel inferior ‘cos you are better than that. The Word of God says that “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he”. People will come and go, situations and circumstances will come and go but the only constant factors are you and God.

Don’t let people have the final say in your life. Let your words and actions be final and let the wisdom of God be behind the words you say and the actions you take then you will enjoy good success.

It’s Important to have the following points at the back of your mind

  1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion

You can’t shut people’s mouths from saying what they want to but you can stop their words from having an effect on you. People can say whatever they want to. It’s your right to see these words as nonsense and keep moving on rather than fighting such people. You have the right to protect yourself and territory by preventing negative words from others having access to your life. Those who are already popular in society would have had a taste of this. It’s important to develop a thick skin in this area if you really want your peace when you get to the top.

  1. Stop trusting human beings, they are so unstable

Rather than believing this or that person will help you in life or doing shady things with people and yet think you will not get exposed, why not just trust God? His ways are pure and no shadiness is required. You are so sure of the future with Him. With men, disappointment is inevitable but God is too faithful to fail.

  1. Everyone has his/ her own race to run, stop comparing yourself with others. Value yourself.

We finished secondary school together, we are expected to gain admission into the university at the same time, graduate at the same time, get married at the same time, have children at the same time and so on…….. But along the way, life happens.

What people don’t realize is, we are individuals placed on earth with individual destinies and not following after patterns. Trials that will end up molding us to who God wants us to be differs from person to person. Our destinies are in different directions but why do we still follow the same pattern laid out for us by society?

Unfortunately, this has led people to make decisions that have taken them off God’s original plan for them. e.g, studying courses out of God’s will, getting married to the wrong person, etc.

A better you, value yourself

It’s not about how well or how early you get achievements following the pattern but how satisfied and how much fruits you bear at the end of your journey. Don’t do things because every other person is doing it, find your own way in God.

Life is a race, every man for himself. You are solely responsible for the path you take and the outcome of your life. Stop trying to catch up with others rather, let God lead you and follow suit.

Mind the company you keep. There is no sin in having few friends. Not all people you come across in life should be your friend. God places people at different points in our lives for different purposes. Once their time is up with you (which you will know), let them go and stop hanging on.

Take proper care of yourself, value, and respect yourself, never look down on yourself. Love people, love humanity, and lend a helping hand. This is the way to the top.

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