When God speaks, it shall surely come to pass

God speaks: When God says it, it shall surely come to pass.

When God speaks it comes to pass. Whatever God has said concerning you will surely come to pass only if you keep the faith and are patient. If one does not have faith, then the person has fear and fear turns God off. For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and love and of a sound mind ( 2 Timothy 1: 7).

God speaks to us in various ways some of which are;

His Word: everything we’ll ever know about our lives is in the word of God. As you read the Bible, pray that the Spirit of God opens up your understanding of what He is saying concerning you.

In Person: God speaks to our Spirit. The Holy Spirit who is the third person of the Trinity is in our Spirit and He speaks to our spirit man. If you are calm enough, you’ll hear Him. This is why it is important to ask God for sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit of God.

One way God speaks to us is through the inner witness. This is the most common of all the ways, some call it intuition. Other ways are; the still small voice and the audible voice. God could also use our environments, things, and people around us to speak to us all you need to do is to be sensitive.

God’s thoughts and ways are far different from ours in fact, our highest imagination can never figure out who God is. God is a God of times and seasons. He created time, therefore, He does not live in time. He can never be subjected to time and whatever he says, He creates.

Example 1 of when God speaks

There are sometimes in my life when God tells me something, I will expect it to happen almost immediately or at most, a few months later. When I feel it’s taking longer than expected, I get worried and my faith starts dropping. What I failed to realize is that God’s timing is totally different from that of man. At the end of the day, what He said to me finally came to pass after some years.

Sometimes when God speaks concerning a particular area in one’s life, He does not put a timeline. If you decide to set your mind to a particular timeline, you will just be frustrated when that time comes and goes. He makes all things beautiful in His (own) time.

It is also important to note that irrespective of the situation or circumstances around one’s life, whatever God says concerning you is eternal and true. For the things that are seen are temporal but that which is unseen is eternal.

This Bible passage can be applied in all areas of our lives both physically and spiritually. Truthfully, that we are on earth is very temporal. All the wealth, riches one has cannot cross over with one when one dies. The body/ flesh is attached to earthly things but our spirit man ( the real us) lives on. Even when judgment takes place after death, the spirit leaves the body and wherever the spirit ends up in will be for eternity. It is therefore important to choose wisely.

Example 2 of when God speaks

This Bible passage can also be used in other areas e.g academically.

God has told us in Deuteronomy 28 that we shall be the head and not the tail, we shall be above only and not beneath if we obey what is said in Deut 28:1. There is always a condition, there is always a part for you to play for every promise God gives. When we believe God having faith and do what He says, the result will never disappoint us.

In respect to academics, one might have played his/ her part by studying hard for a particular subject/ course believing God for the best but sometimes, as the results begin to roll out, it might not be what was expected.

Well, it’s all a trick from the devil to put you off guard, thereby crashing one’s faith and not letting that promise of God see the light of day. When such a thing like this happen, let your tempo increase, let your faith level increase (shaming the devil). Don’t be worried or disturbed because it is at the end that it will speak.

Anything can happen in the beginning, middle but what determines you seeing what God says concerning your life come to pass is if you are still strong in faith at the end against all odds.

When God speaks, it shall surely come to pass
When God speaks, it shall surely come to pass

Putting what has been said into practice is what brings you results. Putting the Word of God to practice makes you dominate your world.

It is important you accept Jesus into your life if you haven’t and let Him be your personal Lord and Saviour. If you are in this category, join me in the salvation prayer.


Lord Jesus, I come as a sinner, forgive me all my sins, cleanse me with your blood. I accept you today as my personal Lord and Saviour, I am free from all powers of sin, to serve the living God.

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God bless you.


Chidinma Oluchi.


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