Being happy despite not having what you want.

Happiness: Being happy despite not having what you want.

The key to your happiness is right in your hand. With the occurrences around the world, it’s very easy to be sad. Becoming sad and getting depressed doesn’t take much effort. Some news and internet sites have ways of making this happen. What one listens to, if not careful has a way of affecting one’s emotion. Making oneself happy requires effort and determination.

Anything good comes with a price. It could take months to build a particular structure that can be demolished within a few hours. This also applies to sadness and happiness. We need a conscious effort to be happy.

How to remain happy

  1. The fact that God woke you up to see another day is a gift. You didn’t wake yourself up. Also, many don’t have the opportunity that you have now.
  2. Stop looking at what is absent in your life, thank God for the things you have. One person is complaining of not having the best car to ride while another is thanking God for the opportunity to have legs to walk despite not having a car. Appreciate what you have and see where that leads you to.
  3. Make others around you happy: This goes with the law of sowing and reaping. Whatever you give to people, it will return to you. If you sow happiness, you will reap happiness.
  4. Don’t give anyone the key to control your life, including your happiness. Tying your happiness to a person, situation, Job/ career is a no-no! This is because, if that situation, job, or person gets challenged then happiness gets tampered with. Be determined to be happy irrespective of the situation or challenge that may come your way. I’ve heard of people blaming their spouses for not making them happy. The task of making ourselves happy belongs to us and no one else.
  5. Rather than feeling sad and blaming yourself or other people, channel that energy towards something productive. Challenge yourself, set goals, and celebrate your wins. Being productive brings happiness and knowing that you are making progress is comforting.
  6. Cut out every relationship, thing, or person that may be the source of your sadness. If it’s the internet, limit the amount of time you spend there and completely stay off those that have a negative impact on you, after all, it’s not a sin to be off the internet. Replace such time with your passion/ hobby e.g painting, drawing, taking pictures, or learning something new.

Personal experience

Some years back I was facing a lot of stress at my place of work to the extent of wanting to “chicken out” lol (sometimes we just want to run away when oppositions come our way but these are actually the building blocks to great success). I decided to cut off all forms of unnecessary communications with a set of people and protect myself when I noticed they were constantly adding fuel to the fire in the situation.

Before taking this step, I made sure my heart was clean towards them and I had no ill-feeling/ malice against them. Malice/ unforgiveness is on another level and should be avoided at all costs. Not only will it prevent one from making heaven, one is undoing his/ herself. When this decision was finally implemented, I noticed a tremendous improvement. Things became lighter for me and my happiness level started to increase. Some will see this act as a sin. This only becomes a sin when malice/ unforgiveness is in the picture. 

We have the right to allow whoever and whatever we want in ourselves. No one including the devil has access to your life if you don’t give them the go-ahead. People have been saved from all forms of heartache and disaster taking this step. You are responsible for your happiness and don’t let anyone manipulate you into believing otherwise.

As happiness is something we make conscious effort to maintain, Joy on the other hand is one of the gifts of the Spirit of God that we have access to and it’s more superior to happiness. The next post will be on Joy. Stay tuned.

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Remain blessed.



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