How your walk with God is meant to be like.

How your walk with God is meant to be like

A walk with God starts with salvation. Once we are saved, our journey has just begun. In essence, that is when we start living. Christianity, living like Christ is meant to be our lifestyle. Our way of life which ought to be exciting and not boring as the devil paints it to be.

Having a personal walk with God, knowing the voice of your Father, having a personal relationship with God comes top on the list after salvation. Having a close relationship with God will save one from a lot of mishaps, danger, and heartache. I can’t overemphasize the importance of your personal walk with God. That is where you enjoy the essence of true living.

How your walk with God is meant to be like.
How your walk with God is meant to be like.

God’s command to us

God has commanded that we come together to worship Him upon mount Zion which illustrates the Church. It’s in Church we are able to find deliverance, Holiness and possess our possession. Christianity (religion) can never substitute our personal walk with God. A number of people have gone back to the world because they couldn’t develop a strong foundation walking with God. They are more interested in Christianity as a religion. As a result of this, when the wind of trials blows in their direction they fall.

A number of things are going on in the Church that discourages even strong believers how much more baby Christians. They see a particular person as an epitome of holiness only to find out later that this person commits all forms of immorality. This alone can cause one to backslide making one have the mentality of, “if Mr so and so can do this, then why am I wasting my time”? We should remember that we came to this world alone and on the judgment day, we’ll stand alone.

Final note

Someone standing firm in Christ knows exactly why he/ she goes to church and does not do things to please any man. People who have a personal relationship with God are not easily offended when people or even fellow brethren put up some shenanigan attitude towards them. They know exactly who they came to see in the house of God and what they expect to return with. Every other thing is irrelevant.

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