Life as some see it

Life as some see it

Many pass through life without knowing the rules and regulations that govern what we do. Some are being fed with lies made up by others while others are reluctant to see the truth.

Taking responsibility for our lives is the first step in the right direction. I’m not very patient with people that blame others for their failures. While there might be a little truth in what they have to say, it is also important to remember that it is who or what YOU ALLOW in your life that stays. In essence, you have a huge part to play.

People saying stuff like, “so and so person didn’t help me” is a very wrong mentality and also, looking at one’s self with pity kills the person slowly without knowing. This mentality makes one keep going backward.

Blaming others

Life as some see it
Life as some see it

Instead of blaming someone else for your failures (which is usually the easiest route out), why not settle down, observe what they do and follow their footsteps. I am not talking about those that sold their souls to the devil but those who through faith, hard work, determination, discipline, and sacrifice got to where they are.

Doing the exact same thing as they did will get you the same result. Going a step further in the right direction will get you better results. Life is not a party ground and there is no food for a lazy man.

The principle on earth is the principle of seedtime and harvest time. Whatever one sows is exactly what the person reaps, the determining factor is time.

You are presently where you are as a result of the seed that was sown in the past. It’s better you start sowing good seeds now even though they may not yield results immediately. Your harvest will surely come, will just be patient. In all this, don’t forget the place of divine direction. Allow the Spirit of God to be your guide.

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