Learning to be patient with God

Patience: Learning to be patient with God

A walk with God is a walk of patience. In Christian dorm, walking with God requires a lot of patience. God created time and therefore does not exist in time as we humans do. God is not limited by time and whatever He says, He creates. Man lives and works in the existence of time just like our life has been conditioned to start within a particular period and end within another.

As Christians when we walk with God. One of the things we need to hold fast on to is patience. Starting as new babes in the kingdom, one receives things cheaply from God and as we grow, this begins to change. Answers don’t come easily as they used to before. The reason is that the Christian race is a growth race. We are expected to grow from the milk stage to the bone stage although the process is little by little.

Maybe previously, when you ask God for something, you receive answers instantly but now it takes a longer time than expected. This does not mean God has left you neither does it mean he hasn’t answered you. All you need to do is take more steps, ask God what He wants you to do and you can be sure He will answer you.

If one is being fed constantly without having to work for it, there will be no place for growth. This can also lead to one remaining a baby Christian.

Learning to be patient with God
Learning to be patient with God

Baby Christians are limited in so many ways and can easily be taken advantage of.

As we begin walking with God, we find out that all God tells us both in His word and  Rhema will begin to find expression in our lives if we believe. This will only happen in His time. Just like we are on earth to fulfill the plan God has for us and not our plan, we are also to abide by the rules making this happen in God’s own time.

This is where a number of people miss it, they don’t have enough patience to wait. They feel God is too slow but remember He knows all things. He sees things in the future that you cannot see. When God speaks to you concerning your life, when He starts telling you what you will accomplish, the human mind will calculate it as something that will happen within 2- 3 years. God might be talking of more years to come. It’s His time that matters.

In order not to wait for long and then give up, it is important to thank God for the revelation you’ve received. Believe God that it will come to pass and keep moving. Keep on being a fruitful Christian. Keeping your mind on it can make you impatient which could result in one moving out of God’s plan.

It is better to wait on God and obey Him than to sacrifice a thousand offering to Him when you are out of His plan and purpose for your life.

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