stage: don't be too big for God to use you

Stage:Don’t be too big for God to use

Don’t feel too big for God to use you and life is in stages, men are in sizes. God takes us from one level of greatness to another. God is not a get quick God, He is a God of patience. Those who get things quickly, lose them as fast as they are gotten, it’s all vanity. I know that whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him (Ecclesiastes 3: 14).

When we work with God, He takes us through various stages in life.

First Stage

Firstly, there is the ground level. This is the stage where we have little or nothing. At this stage, we begin to locate our purpose in life, we begin to know God’s plan and purpose for us in life. If you are yet to seek God’s plan for you and are still working on your own plan or someone else’s plan, please start seeking.

Most times humility comes naturally at this stage because one actually has nothing and solely depends on God.

A very important point to note at this stage is, God starts unfolding His plan for us during this period. His plan is usually very big, something we can’t achieve on our own except by His help and this applies to every believer. It’s God’s plan for His children to be rich and not struggle. Poverty does not equal making Heaven. Even Jesus rode on a donkey while on earth and many people could not afford it in those days.

The reason why God shows us things that we can get on our own is so that we can totally depend on Him. This is where faith comes into play. When God says it, believe Him, keep moving on and keep pleasing Him. Don’t try to help God attain what is impossible for you because whatever He says, He creates and does not need any help from any man. He is the God of the universe.

stage: don't be too big for God to use you
stage: don’t be too big for God to use you

Second stage

Over a period of time, with faith, patience and godly fear, His promises begin to come to pass little by little. He begins to tell you what to do at each stage and hands things over to you once you are matured for them. Riches become visible to the world, changes become visible. A number of people begin to lose that humility they once had then pride begins to set in. Some might even believe that all the things happening is by their own doing. They acknowledge God with their mouth but deep down their heart, they believe it’s their handiwork. This is a risky path to take.

The only reason why you have these riches is that you’ve obeyed God and pleased Him. For one to take God’s glory to himself is a very deadly move to make. This has cost many people their resources and lives.


Sometimes it is not so easy to stay focused on God and remain humble because you have people outside praising you, making you feel overly important. If care is not taken, pride will begin to creep in little by little. It is therefore important to have people around you that will not make you feel this way, people that are honest and truthful and will make you realize that it’s all of God and nothing of you.

Final note

When you see a truly godly person that is rich and wealthy, you’ll notice humility all around such a person and such people don’t see themselves as anything rather, they count it a privilege to be used by God. This is why all other things others are in need of follow them naturally.

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