Jack, Don’t let People’s Opinion Change who you really are.

Jack, Don’t let People’s Opinion Change who you really are.

A Scenario about Jack

Jack, a young student in college who is very popular among his peers loved the way he felt about himself as well as the way others felt about him.

As time went on, Jack found himself in the entertainment industry and began to do very well for himself. He also became famous and everyone knew who Jack was. Little did he know that this was the beginning of his emotional meltdown.

Every little mistake Jack made,  everything he did poorly was always published. Jack, being the kind of person he is was moved by every comment written against him.

Days, when good things were written, were good days for him and days where negatives comments were said was a bad day for him. It became a kind of a mood swing.

As usual, there were people to criticize him and a few others who comforted him. He had not built that wall around him. This is necessary for anyone entering into the limelight.

This became an emotional turmoil in his life. He found out not everyone was pleased with what he did no matter how he tried. He began to see himself as a failure (even though he was doing well at the time) and began entering into a depression.


One thing I’ve noticed is that, if people are not firm in knowing who they are, knowing what they want and how to get it, knowing who their true friends are in addition to every other thing that makes one move forward in life, they tend to fall.



Jack, Don’t let People’s Opinion Change who you really are.
Jack, Don’t let People’s Opinion Change who you really are.




Fame is not all sweet as people think, you have to be ready to acquire both the assets and liabilities.

   Second Scenario about Jack

Another scenario can be painted about Jack as a timid and nice person. Someone who wants to please everyone around him. When someone says something about him, he tries to change his personality to fit it.

Jack doesn’t really have goals. He has not sat down to set goals for himself neither has he found time to know who he really is and what his purpose is on earth. He’s content i.e what he’s made up of is other people’s stuff.

He is very open to every idea people give and decides to drive his life in that direction.

This is not good at all, these kind of people are heading for a crash. When you are all alone, what would you do?


In essence, know who you are, have a vision, have a goal and move towards it. Don’t be distracted at whatever it is coming your way which may include fame, be focused and aim to reach that goal. Other people’s opinion of who you are or what they feel is right for you notwithstanding.

It is okay to listen to advice as some may actually be useful to you but if it isn’t, discard it and keep moving.


I hope you have enjoyed this post, I will love to hear from you and your experience.

Stay Blessed

Chidinma Oluchi.


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