light: Let Your Light Shine

Light: Let Your Light Shine

We have been given an order by God to let our light shine so that men will see our good works and glorify our Father who is in Heaven (Matthew 5: 16). 

Now, it’s only one who knows that he/ she is entitled to light that is able to accomplish this commandment.

In the world we live in, there is so much darkness all around hence the necessity for light. Light has a unique property. It always stands out. In the beginning, it might seem dim but the brighter it gets, the more it overshadows darkness until darkness completely disappears.

Playing safe

A large number of people want to play safe. They would rather play safe with the world than to stand out. In order to shine the light God has given you, get ready to stand alone with God disregarding human opinions or societal lies.

In every generation, we have names of individuals who stood out, and people still make reference to even to this day. The truth is, this group of people didn’t just have such greatness handed to them on a platter of gold, something in them reached out to the creator. They did things others wouldn’t want to do.

God is not partial, He loves us equally and has planted a seed of greatness into each and everyone’s lives. It’s the way we take advantage of this that makes one person different from another. NOBODY was destined to be poor or pitied. Just as He planted the seed of greatness into our lives, He also created enough space to fly without hitting or limiting another person. In other words, one doesn’t need to fall before another person rises.

The difference between the same percentage to light-bearers compared with the rest of the world is, they decided to subscribe to the process of making thereby developing enough humility to help them walk in destiny.

We all love wealth, power, fame, sound health, prosperity, etc. When it comes to the process of God moulding us, most of us disappear or become Jonah. People are so in a haste to make it in life. Because they see others doing well, they decide to hasten their process by doing things their way. This will either lead to destruction or them starting from scratch after the disaster.

The reality of life

One thing people should know is that we all have our individual journey. That we are all on earth together does not mean we should follow the same path. That people are doing this and that does not mean you should do the same. We all came to earth on different dates but it’s only God that knows the number of years we will spend on earth. That two people are age mates does not mean they would spend the same amount of years on earth.

God is never too late nor slow. Remember He created light and you know the speed at which light travels. He needs us to be obedient and patient. He moulds us through various tests and trials even though this could be hard sometimes but the end is worth it.

Obeying God’s instructions and doing things His way will allow God to shine His light through us to the nations of the earth. Also, at the end of our journey on earth, we will be handsomely rewarded in Heaven.

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Stay Blessed.



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