Don't Despise the days of little Beginning

Little: Don’t despise the days of little beginning

There are a lot of benefits from hard work and never despise the days of little beginnings, enjoy it while it lasts.

We’ve all been placed on earth for different purposes and what one does differs from the other person. The similarity we have is being the authentic copy/original copy in the calling we’ve been placed in. There is something unique we have to bring to the table that others can’t. It’s a dilemma when originals become photocopies of other people’s lives.

We are admonished to locate our calling (by the help of God) and stay in it. The interesting thing about our calling is that it usually starts little. People might mock you or laugh at you at this stage but never let that get to you.

If you are fully aware that where you are is for your growth and development, and you’ll not be on this spot for too long it’s only a matter of time, then you will take the opportunity to enjoy every bit of it. Don’t bother about what people say or believe.

A little diversion

The kingdom of God is orderly. Just as there are rules and regulations on earth, the same applies in Heaven. There are physical rules and there are spiritual rules. In the Kingdom of God, knowing the Spiritual rules and obeying these rules makes one a pro on earth. People will just notice that things are going smoothly for you, unlike other Christians.

Some might even begin to envy you because it seems like God loves you more than others. Well, that’s not true, God loves us all. The closer you draw near to God, the closer He draws near to you. You are the one to initiate this process. Knowing what to do and doing it gives you a huge advantage in life.

Back to rules, in order for one to be fruitful in life, in order for one to enjoy one’s life not only one earth but also be rewarded in heaven, one needs to work closely with God and at the same time possess important virtues such as; Love, Faith, Obedience, Patience, Diligence, Hard work, Integrity to name a few.

When you are really in the place God wants you to be, regardless of how the beginning may seem, your joy will know no bound. You very well know that your greatness is in view and God cannot lie.

Don't Despise the days of little Beginning
Don’t Despise the days of little Beginning


What to note

God takes us from one step to the next only if we’ve passed our tests and our skills are sufficient for the next step and also if we’ve learned enough lessons to help us through the next step. The blessings of God are eternal, they don’t just disappear like the gifts of the devil. Also, there is no sorrow attached to the blessings of God. The blessings of God last, this is one of the reasons we need to go through the authentic process before arriving at the fulness of it all. It spans over a lifetime.

For every gift and blessing received from God, Thanksgiving is very important. Thanksgiving results in multiplication also, acknowledging God for all he’s done in your life results in Him directing your path (Proverbs 3: 5-7).

Walking with God is one of the best things that can happen to anyone. He makes life easy for you. It feels like one being carried through the stress of life and also being rewarded for it. The devil does not want people to know about this huge secret that’s why he paints Christianity in a different light. The Bible says; ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.

Dearly beloved, enjoy the days of little beginning. Despise the shame, endure the mockery or other negative stuff people may throw at you. Just set your eyes on the price ‘cos that is what really matters.

Before I end, there is something important I’ll like to add. It is important that you accept Jesus into your life if you haven’t and let Him be your personal Lord and Saviour. If you are in this category, join me in the salvation prayer.


Lord Jesus, I come as a sinner, forgive me all my sins, cleanse me with your blood. I accept you today as my personal Lord and Saviour, I am free from all powers of sin, to serve the living God.

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Stay Blessed.

Chidinma Oluchi.


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