On Earth, How your walk with God is meant to be like.

On Earth, How your walk with God is meant to be like

In the previous post, I stated that your walk with God starts with salvation. Walking with God entitles us to a number of benefits. I will shed more light on these benefits as we go along.

A proper walk with God enables you to have the best time of your life on earth. It’s like an adventure. The good thing about this is, once one begins to follow God closely and obey His command, not only will it lead to blessings on earth but also in Heaven.

Making Heaven at the end of our journey on earth is our goal but also, people are rewarded differently. The reward one gets in Heaven is as a result of the work one does on Earth.

Love is the basis for all requirement. Others are; obedience to God’s instructions, giving to the poor and needy, kingdom stewardship, patience among others. People see planet earth as a place for partying, a place for fun, etc. This is not true. We all come from Heaven, Heaven is our real home but we have been sent to earth for a purpose.


On Earth, How your walk with God is meant to be like.
On Earth, How your walk with God is meant to be like.


Our Mission on Earth

This mission is only for a particular period hence the term “lifetime”. Earth which is the physical realm is temporal. The spiritual realm is eternal and there is no going back. People who have had near death experience will tell you that they felt more alive when they died than while on earth in their body. The senses are usually more heightened and the spiritual realm is way more superior when compared with the physical realm.

Being aware of the fact that you are running a race with a goal of getting to the finish line and receiving your reward in Heaven makes you more conscious of your time. Also, this will help you focus on the important aspect of life. It is wisdom to stay far from those things and people that will pull you down in this race. No time for unforgiveness, jealousy, bitterness, laziness, etc.

It is impossible to work with God and not show forth His glory. True men and women of God radiate the beauty of Christ. There is that peace, joy, and happiness around them irrespective of the circumstances around their lives. That one is smiling does not necessarily mean that he or she is free from challenges but smarter than the challenge. All we have to do is choose the right path. The ball is in your court.

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