Divine Direction_ How your walk with God is meant to be like.

Divine Direction: How your walk with God is meant to be like.

By now, we should be aware that there is a purpose for each and every one of us on earth to accomplish. It is our responsibility to find out what this mission is. This leads to our topic for today called divine direction.

Divine direction means being led by God in all areas of life. Having a personal relationship with God and making Him Lord over your life makes His partnership with you easier.

As I said in the previous post, walking with God is an adventure when you allow Him to drive your boat. Christians go through various forms of struggles because they took decisions not approved by God. Some didn’t think it was necessary to seek God’s opinion on that subject matter.

They believed so much in their wisdom and expertise which ended up landing them into trouble. While in trouble, they start blaming God for their own mishap instead of repenting. For every trouble one enters, it’s our fault, not God’s. If we had taken time to seek God’s face regarding that subject matter, things would have been different. Having this mentality will help us in the journey of life. The more humble we become, the more of God we have and the more He shows us His power.

Rather than blaming God, we should be humble enough to repent and ask Him where we missed it.

Divine direction is an asset in the journey of life. We need to be divinely guided to receive our benefits and rewards both in Heaven and on Earth.


Divine Direction_ How your walk with God is meant to be like.
Divine Direction_ How your walk with God is meant to be like.


It is good to have plans but more importantly, we should ask God what He has to say regarding that plan. God always responds when we call on Him even though sometimes, it’s not the answer we expect to hear. We should learn to rejoice at every instruction given to us by God be it palatable or not.

Another vital area is recognizing the voice of God. one can mistake the voice of God for our voice or that of the devil.

Now, how do we know who is speaking to us? Everything God says is in line with His word. Also, as we keep walking with God, we get more familiar with His voice. Before getting to this level, there is something called the inner witness which is the Holy Spirit speaking to our spirit (inner man).

This is the principal way God leads all His children both the babes in Christ and mature Christians. Some people may refer to this as intuition. For example, there are times we feel a strong instinct be it positive or negative regarding a situation and then later find out the reason why this occurred.

Sometimes we are in desperate need of an answer from God. In such cases, set yourself apart by;  keeping your mind quiet, staying away from any noise. You can also increase your spiritual antenna through fasting and praying and studying the word of God. When we have the green light to go, there is this feeling of peace and joy but when it’s a red light it comes with an unpleasant sense.

When we keep walking with God, both our spiritual and physical life begins to blossom. We become more sensitive to the leading of the Spirit.

When the devil plans things, God reveals it to us and even when we face challenges, we can be sure that God will keep us comfortable and provide a way of escape (1 Corinthians 10: 3).

Walking with God helps us dominate in all areas of life.

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Stay Blessed.

Chidinma Oluchi.


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