Patience: Missing out as a Result of Impatience

Patience: Missing out as a result of impatience

A number of people were very close to their breakthroughs but don’t have enough patience and at the last minute turned away. People are not usually patient enough to see that God answers prayers. Only if you had pressed a little bit longer then you would have seen the hand of God.

Delay is not denial, it only means that yours is coming in a special way. A number of people are not patient with God but want to help Him in hasting the process. This leads them to get less than what God has for them and when something happens, they put all the blame on God. Patience is an important virtue in the kingdom of God.

Abraham is one example that comes to mind. God had promised him a son but he was convinced by his wife to sleep with her maid which he did. At the end of the day, he ended up sending that child (Ishmael) away. The son God promised him (Isaac) was the one God established His covenant with and we see how Abraham became the father of nations.


Patience: Missing out as a Result of Impatience
Patience: Missing out as a Result of Impatience


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Some people have prayed for a miracle but because nothing is happening as fast as they expect, they stop believing. Only if they had continued.

Patience makes you get the gold prize in which case, you need to stay focused and ignore what is happening even though it may not look like it in the beginning.

Stop comparing yourself with others. You have your separate race to run. That someone gets something before you does not make you inferior or less important to God. He is the owner of time and He knows when your time is right. Rather, rejoice with such persons then your father will be pleased with you. Whatever God gives in His own time, He makes it beautiful and perfect. It is the end of a thing that matters. 

Even if you believe your children came late, God will give you a long life and prosperity to see them through to a satisfied age.

God is never late, all He needs is your patience and faith in Him. Patience is one virtue when developed, will yield a lot of dividends.

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