Don't get carried away with pride

Pride, Don’t get carried away with pride

Pride has a negative effect on people. People rise, others fall some have lost focus while others are on the right track. What differentiates one group from the other is the choices they make in life.

Spiritual laws and principles i.e things not seen will always be superior to the physical laws that we see. The principle of sowing and reaping will be ever-present so also that of pride and humility. A number of people start humble in life but along the way, they begin to change. 

I was speaking with someone the other day and he spoke about someone he knew that was so humble. This person takes care of his family members well, no complain, no shouting but the only problem is, he doesn’t have money. Hmmmmmm….. it would be better to check back again when he gets money.

Wealth, power, fame, etc. have a drunken effect on people. They begin to develop grandiose delusion about themselves. When people get to this level, their fall is just by the corner.

Another category of people

I have also noticed another side of this. There are people who seem proud but are not while some others who pretend to be humble are really not. Some just put up that poker face. Thank God He searches the heart of men and can distinguish those that are proud from those that are not. 

Quite a number of people who have that “pride” attitude may have gone through one thing or the other making them stay off people. There are sometimes they really want to help but at the end of the day, people use their act of kindness against them. It feels like giving your precious pearls to the dogs. Even though this could be really painful, I believe we shouldn’t stop being kind because there are honest people who may need your help.

To prevent such painful occurrences, it will be wise to ask God for His guidance regarding that area.

God’s principle

God doesn’t have an issue entrusting His wealth into people’s hands but it’s the way they utilize it that matters. We can only have full access to kingdom wealth when we are broken, when we have the mentality of, “nothing on earth moves me as much as heavenly things”.

When we have our eyes focused on the kingdom of God and eternity (which should be primary), resources on earth begin to flow in our direction. Taking our eyes off this path results in diminishing returns.

In life, people who are in God’s will, doing what He wants them to do, know that there is a process required to get to the top and it’s from one level to another. At each level, there is time for growth and development and once maturity has taken place, you can then move to the next phase.

About humility

It is very important to maintain your humility level because this is what makes you go far. Read the book of proverbs to learn more about humility and pride.

When people start rising in life, there is a high tendency for pride to set in. It’s our responsibility to put it in its place. During this period, people tend to look down on others and even forget God. Some get too busy to go for church services.

God will not force His opinion on us but has given us what it takes to make the right decision. We have the Word and Spirit of God with us.

People begin to lose focus when they become famous or in power. They remove their focus from God and put it on themselves. One thing we should always remember is, pride comes before a fall. There is no one high up that God cannot bring down also, there is no one being ridiculed and stepped on by men that God cannot lift up. The acts of God in our lives depends on what we do.

Never look down on others and never let pride come near your territory. Remain humble and you will see the good Lord lifting you up.

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