When you need a change and not just words of encouragement

When you want a change not just encouragement

The more you realize that you are not alone, the better it gets but people want to see a change. People have heard words of encouragement like, “you are not alone” but they desire to see some changes. They want to see things happening. They need to know what to do to get out.

No matter the situation you find yourself in now, there is always a way out and things will get better. These situations range from heartbreak, molestation of any kind, depression, terminal disease, financial instability, marital problems, loss of a loved one, family issues and every other thing one can think of.

One thing I know is, you are stronger than you think and the greater one is ALWAYS with you. You have a great advantage with you but you don’t know. Why not fix your gaze on Him rather than looking at that situation.

The Right Mentality

I know…………I know………. it’s easier said than done but it’s better to try than do nothing. For those who have been given an ultimatum of how long they can live on Earth, the TRUTH is, YOU HAVE A CHOICE to either accept or reject it. The only person that has the right to put an ultimatum on your life is Jesus because He already paid for your life.

Doctors are limited. They are just as limited as any other human beings on earth. They also die and face challenges like other people. The good news is, there is someone greater who can fix you up for free without taking a dime. You only need to know what is yours and how to access it. Actually, you can turn this to an adventure. For those who have lost hope, don’t give up just yet because you will be surprised at what comes your way next.

Testimony of others

In this same world where it seems, things are getting darker and darker, people have gone through the exact same thing and come out victorious. Instead of looking at the many people who couldn’t make it, why not look at the ones who made it? Some people were given set days to die but are still living up till now. Some were molested, depressed, going through difficult times but you’ll never know only if they told you. They have overcome and are living their best lives.

The question to be asked should be, what did they do? how did they overcome? Instead of spending time thinking of that situation, spend time looking for people who were in that situation and are out of it. That alone will boost your faith in God.

Move forward 

There are many victorious people around you but you need to look for them. Also, you need to equip yourself with knowledge. What does the Word of God say regarding that situation? All we’ll ever need for our lives is in the Word of God all we need to do is look for it. 

There are a lot of Christian books that address different issues, especially those pertaining to our needs. It won’t hurt to read them. There are also blog post and Christian tapes that will be helpful.

Get surrounded and occupied with the right thing and give no room to the devil. When I started watching some Christian videos on youtube, my mentality began to change.

I should also give a piece of advice to be careful with what we listen to and read because a number of them are from the pit of hell. Anything that doesn’t have a biblical backing is not of God because God has asked us to prove all things by the Word (Bible).

Final note

Whatever God does is forever but a gift from the devil can cost one his/her life and eternity in hell.

To have a change, setting the atmosphere and your mind right is the first step forward. When you do this, it’s only a matter of time before you realize that the mountain has become a molehill which will eventually disappear.

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