Why God's time is the Best

Time: God’s timing is the Best

Time: Why God's time is the Best (1)
Time: Why God’s time is the Best (1)

There is time for everything under the sun. No two persons has the exact same timing and we are all created differently.

The best way to move forward in life is to be content with what you have at the moment and believe that God will perfect all that concerns you.

Having a good mentality

You don’t have to wish to be like this or that person neither should you be jealous of what someone else has. God values each and every one of us and He knows our capacity. He will not give us something that will choke us but if people go ahead and find other ways by which they can get it, this could end up destroying them in the long run.

Our prayer should always be for God to give us only what we can handle. Anything He does not want me to have, then may I not have it. God knows us better than we know ourselves because He created us. Therefore, He knows that giving us such things will make one turn his/her back on Him.

The reality of Kingdom Wealth

What people are not aware of is believers who are really making it started from somewhere i.e they had a humble beginning. They didn’t just wake up and suddenly became famous. There was a process they had to go through. If they share their experiences with us I’m sure some people will not want to experience what they went through.

Our trials as an example

For every trial we pass through in life, God allows it for a purpose. You notice those that have gone through a particular ordeal in life are more passionate about it. When they see others in the same position, they are able to relate with them better. If they hadn’t gone through it themselves, there won’t be much passion because they won’t really understand what people in such a situation pass through.

After passing through such trials, these people also succeed easily in these areas. Others who knew nothing about what happened in their lives will begin to envy them because of their visible success in that area.

It is very easy to envy those that have made it but are you ready to go through what they went through? Those that get their wealth and other riches, positions through dubious means will reap the consequence, it’s only a matter of time.

Encouragement with respect to time

We are encouraged to be focused on the assignment given to us by God and little by little, He will lift us up. this also goes for those that are worried they haven’t gotten married and their mates have all their children. Be calm everybody has their time in the calendar. It’s better to marry late (in the human timing) than marry the wrong person. What humans see as being late is not how God sees it. So people who were in a haste to get married should be calm. Those that married out of God’s will have stories to tell. Some have even died as a result of this. Patience is a blessing. if God has told you to be calm please just obey Him. He is never late.


A lady got married about the same time the majority of those in her age bracket were getting married but had to wait for a long time before having children. Sometimes her colleague will look down on her but God compensated her at the end of the day. When she looked back at the time after many years, she realized there was a clear difference between her children and those of others. God had beautified each and every one of them.

Be patient, be calm, be happy. Believe God loves you and that He will perfect all that concerns you in His time. He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Stay Blessed.

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