Self-esteem: What to Remember when you feel inferior to others.

Self-esteem: What to remember when you feel inferior

Self-esteem: What to remember when you feel inferior

Have you ever been in a situation where someone is been favoured or liked more than you? Well, it’s not a wonderful thing. It sometimes makes people lose their self-esteem especially if the trauma is constant. This can happen to someone working in an office whose boss is always putting him/her down and also a child being compared with another sibling in the family.

I remember when I was young, there was this children’s group I belonged to. They were recognizing family members but didn’t recognize mine. I felt quite hurt and my perspective changed a bit. I was young then, only if I knew what I know now my reaction would have been totally different. People are entitled to their opinion and so am I. If I am not recognized then I would recognize myself. Situations such as this are not meant to remove a strand of hair from one’s head. Having this mentality will save you from a lot of heartaches, unforgiveness but will give you peace and happiness.

God Loves you

One thing we should all be aware of is, God loves us unconditionally. He will not love us less despite all our shenanigans. Having one’s joy/ happiness being centered around human beings or circumstances will bring nothing but hurt and low self-esteem.

Loving yourself and knowing who you are in Christ places you above all the criticisms of man. Don’t forget human beings are unstable, some just want what they can get from you but when that channel is closed, they are off.



Self-esteem: What to Remember when you feel inferior to others.
Self-esteem: What to Remember when you feel inferior to others.


For people struggling with low self-esteem, I’ve got news for you. There is someone that loves you so very much. He even says that you are the apple of His eyes and not one strand of your hair can fall off without Him knowing. Now, this is called love. He said so many things about you which you would have to find in His Word. These things will make you feel really good about yourself but be careful not to become proud. He is the God of all flesh, the creator of Heaven and Earth. One can only know Him through our sweet Jesus.

In essence, you will need to look at yourself through His eyes. We need to see ourselves through the eyes of Jesus. Once we are able to do this, our confidence will begin to grow.

Love yourself

We have been commanded to love our neighbour and we can’t do this if we don’t love who we are. This will be impossible if we plan on becoming someone else. There is a difference between being selfish (me, myself, I) and loving yourself. The latter term involves working and taking care of yourself spiritually, mentally and physically. When you’ve done hard work on yourself with the help of God, you won’t allow one random person to bring you down because you know your worth.

Taking care of yourself physically involves exercising, eating right, taking time to rest, vacation, etc. The mental and spiritual aspect has a lot to do with the Word of God. Once this process is in motion, the sky is not your limit but the beginning of your great journey and sharing the love with others will be easy.

I have found out that those who put others down have some kind of insecurities and low self esteem themselves. It’s a form of defense mechanism for them.

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad/ put you down because God loves you very much and you are worth more than gold. These people can’t see it.

Be the best you can be.

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Stay Blessed.



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