The Mystery of Sacrifice

The Mystery of Sacrifice

The Mystery of Sacrifice

The first sacrifice we hear of in the Bible is that of Abraham. When God asked for Isaac to be used as a sacrifice and then replace him with a lamb, the end result of that story was generational blessings. We remember Solomon who as a result of the sacrifice he offered to God became the wisest king and this attracted people from different nations. Others are Jacob, Moses, etc.

The difference between Abraham’s sacrifice and that of Solomon is;

Abraham’s sacrifice was requested by God and he obeyed while Solomon willing gave a sacrifice to God (without it being requested for).

Some of us have heard pastors/ prophets say stuff like, “if you sow this seed, so and so good thing will happen to you”. Be careful so as not to fall into their trap. Thank God for the privilege of having direct communication with Him.

I have been in meetings where a prophet prophecies on people’s lives, tell them things that are really happening in their lives and at the end of the day, would expect them to sow a seed. The gift of God is free. Jesus didn’t put any price tag while giving it so why should any man do so?

These people have the ability to see spiritually which is also accessible to everyone in Christ Jesus. The only difference is, some have not developed that ability to see into the spiritual realm.

Talking about sacrifice, there are times God will speak to us to sow a particular seed (although some of us might believe it’s the devil speaking because that seed would be too precious to us) but of course, what is a sacrifice if it doesn’t cost you? There are also times we would need to do so when things are tight.

My experience/ Testimony

A few months back, things became tight for me, I had so much to pay for, my rent was expiring, I had to pay for a particular project. I had not faulted in tithing which is the basis for financial fortune but had prayed regarding the situation and yet, nothing happened. 

I then remembered that I pledged a sacrifice early in the year which I was yet to fulfill. That sacrifice was meant to be a month’s salary. There was no way that month’s salary could even go halfway the debit I needed to pay off. I then purposed in my heart to give it to God and let Him take care of the rest.




The Mystery of Sacrifice
The Mystery of Sacrifice




Sincerely speaking, I didn’t know how I would survive but I knew God had my back and I can never be stranded. When I received my alert, the money was in excess of my salary. Later, I was told that they paid allowances they had owed us in the previous months. That settled it. I was able to give the salary for that month and still had excess to take me through the next month.

A previous occurrence

Actually, this is the second time such a thing is happening to me. the first was when I newly got a job, I gave my first salary. I didn’t know how I would survive but suddenly I got a call from the last place I worked telling me to send the account number. They wanted to pay me transportation allowance for the time I worked in their organization. This was definitely the hand of God because I was not expecting anything from them. That was how I got money for that month. The blessing I got from doing that was wonderful.

Lets, go back to the testimony. After I gave the money, I received a call regarding the project and got an easier payment option which I never knew was on the table. When my rent expired, God gave me a better apartment which I paid a token for. Most of all, God surprised me with a brand new car that I didn’t have to pay a dime for. He favored me.

Have you ever wondered why people just like so and so person? You can’t tell what’s really up but you just feel like helping or giving to that person? That’s called favour. When God favours you, even your enemies would want to help you.

The same goes for those who are always being rejected. The root cause in such a case is the devil and in some cases, deliverance is required.

Lessons from the testimony

  1. Don’t give because someone says you should give. Giving grudgingly is a waste of time and money ‘cos there is no reward for it. Only give if God asks you to do so or you willingly want to.
  2. When you find yourself in a tight corner, ask God what you need to do to get out and this might include a sacrificial seed.

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